Saturday, 26 January 2008

Not eggs-actly Easter yet though, is it?

But despite that, Tesco and every other shop that sells food seems to be stacked to the rafters with chocolate. Not necessarily a bad thing, obviously. HOWEVER. I do feel a little bit sorry for all those people who are still detoxing from the Christmas festivities and are now faced with shelves groaning under the weight of every single make and style of foil wrapped delight you could imagine, when all they actually want to do is buy a pint of milk. That doesn't include me. Detoxing in this household involves a bit less wine and a squeeze of lemon in a big glass of water when I remember.

I am trying to be a bit thrifty this week because it has been such a long month and seems a VERY long time since I was paid any wages. As a result, instead of buying the large pack of chocolate mini eggs, I just bought the small cardboard tube for 55p. Clever, I think you'll agree. And whilst in Tesco and backing away from the largest chocolate bunny I have ever seen, I fell into the clothes aisle. Everyone knows that supermarket clothes are the cheaper option, don' they? Obviously being poor I was very good, and just settled upon this scarf for £5.

I am not really a silky scarf type of girl but I wore it to work today, to cheer up an otherwise rubbish Saturday, and even my 21 year old secretary said I looked 'well cool' which I think was a massive achievement. I was quite anxious I resembled an air hostess (nothing wrong with that, but not the look I was going for, I hasten to add) but she assured me scarves are 'well in'. What a result. Come to think of it they do sell it in red as well...

I am quite keen to buy some new beads and other jewellery bits and pieces come payday as supplies are running short, but have been waiting until my payslip lands on my desk before I dare. Therefore I was really chuffed to get home from work and find a parcel waiting for me. I ordered some supplies from Etsy a billion years ago and have to confess I had given up all hope. It was worth the wait though, I'm really pleased with them, especially the turquoise beads.

The photo doesn't really do them justice, but I assure you they are lovely! One day, if you're good, you will see them in my shop! (not long now, promise!)

I am now set to have a very lovely Sunday, of reading the papers, making jewellery, baking yet MORE ginger cake (the orders are flooding in, darn it!) and generally relaxing. Oh, and we are having boiled eggs for breakfast, as is our Sunday tradition.

Normal eggs, obviously...........


Janette said...

Boiled eggs - yum they are one of our favourite weekend breakfasts too. And as for mini eggs I think you showed great restraint by resisting the big bags, not so sure I could have done the same.

Love the scarf too.


driftwood said...

you are good, I would definitly have eaten the chocolate eggs for breakfast!

Carolyn said...

Look forward to seeing your shop, your jewellery is really lovely.


dottycookie said...

Hard boiled creme eggs, a rare delight.

I just don't go down the sweetie aisle if I an avoid it; though they are now taking over the village shop too. Resistance is futile ...

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hi Anna
I don't know if you remember the saying " Go to work on an egg".. sadly .. I do!
Well I could happily go to work on the chocolate variety but after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror yesterday.. methinks I should avoid all chocolate.. at least during Lent.
Hope you enjoyed what relaxation time you managed this weekend.


The List Writer said...

Very funny! Boiled eggs for 'mains' and chocolate eggs for 'pudding' I say. Yum!

Hazel Designs said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those beads!

Tracy said...

Boiled egg is our Sunday breakfast too! We're waiting closer to Easter for the chocolate ones though ;o) It's crazy--we've only just had Christmas and now it's Easter! You were very wise in your shopping though :o) LOVE the scarf! I'm a scraf person though, so I love all scarves! Your jewelry makings are wonderful! Can't wait to see what you make with those. Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

Ragged Roses said...

I think I would have scoffed the chocolate eggs for breakfast if I knew they were lurking at home!!! Love the scarf, it is indeed "well cool", my teenage daughter came back from the car boot yesterday wearing her latest scarf with pride!! Looking forward to seeing your jewellery in Etsy

Vintage Amethyst said...

Eeek, I had some mini eggs at the weekend too, just how moreish are they!?!?
Looking forward to seeing your shop when it is open.
love Alison x

mollycupcakes said...

Yummy dippy eggs the girls call them, with bread soldiers.
Well done for only buying the small tube, i saw Easter eggs on boxing day here lol flaming madness hehe!

Look forward to seeing some of your jewellery.
Have a good weekend sweeite.
Catherine x

Sophie Stansfield said...

I am afraid I am one of those detoxing girls doing everything I can to avoid the mass of chocolate in the supermarket (I am not sure I can last much longer!) in the mean time, I am with you - boiled eggs for now!
Can't wait to see the jewellery you create! x

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Anna, post-Christmas detox - unheard of in this household! I think we will have to make a concerted effort during lent, better get some creme eggs quick before Wednesday!
best wishes,
Lucy x