Monday, 4 February 2008

He was a skater boy...

Who says Graffiti artists write a load of rubbish? I thought that this was actually very helpful advice for all those novice chefs out there...and we certainly stood in awe as we watched the skater boys do their stuff. I did have to restrain myself from telling them to be careful though.

This was the scene of the dedicated skateboard area/park whatever the dudes themselves would call it on the South Bank in London. We watched them for ages on boards and bikes throwing themselves up slopes, bouncing off walls and generally just being pretty damn cool. They certainly pulled in a crowd of admirers, and lots of photographers as well.

We had a lovely weekend in London, starting off on Saturday afternoon at Twickenham to watch our boys and Wales in the 6 Nations. Oh dear, we lost horribly in the second half but the atmosphere was electric. Unfortunately the promised muddy rugby players thighs photos didn't turn out as hoped. We were sitting quite a way back and the zoom wasn't up to it! Instead you get these..

I had 36 layers of clothing on and it was still blimmin freezing, but the Christmas Hat helped a lot. I also wore the scarf that I started knitted last millenium but decided to finish on friday night. If you are a knitter please don't zoom in or examine it too closely, you may start to cry. It served it's purpose!! Despite losing the match we had a great time, and then drove into London and stayed at a hotel, went to the bar and then ordered room service. There is something quite decadent about eating steak sandwiches whilst snuggled up in a fluffy dressing gown!

On Sunday morning we met up with Nancy, G, O and C and had a sunny walk along the South Bank before demolishing more food in Giraffe. I have never been to a Giraffe restaurant before but the food was great, I can highly recommend it, especially if you have little people in tow- they get free balloons and colouring in sheets! (children are so easily pleased aren't they?!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well, I am now off to make a start on the enormous pile of washing that seems to have been breeding whilst we have been away..


Ragged Roses said...

Love the photo of you at the match, you really look as if you're having fun. As for Saturday night in a hotel room with room service, my idea of heaven! Glad you had such a good weekend, I love walking along the South Bank
PS the CK tins were in the sale otherwise I wouldn't have bought them!

The List Writer said...

Still full from the Giraffe meal- yum!

And I just know O is going to have the biggest crush ever on some skater dude when she is a teenager. She was transfixed by their antics!

shabby chic said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I love the hat all those lovely colours . I wish I could knit.
My little boy loves watching skateboarding, they are so brave when they are twisting & flying through the air. x Dominique

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi, Oh so envious, I wanted to go to Twickenham, most of my family made it there, but I had other commitments so had to watch from home. Loving the hat, perfect for keeping your ears warm.

driftwood said...

what a lovely weekend!!!

Sophie Stansfield said...

Thanks so much for your email on Saturday morning - was thinking of you both as my Dad and brother were shouting at the TV!

Lina said...

Very jealous...glad you had a great time!

dottycookie said...

OK, admit it, did you get a free balloon and colouring sheet too?

Sounds like a lovely weekend - if a bit cold!

Dragonfly said...

Sounds like a weekend filled with all the right things - lovely!

Tracy said... and your hubby are sooo cute!! I know that sound so sugary-sweet, but it's true! What a great, fun weekend! Grafitti is very interesting as an art form I think. I wouldn't want it on the sides of my house, though ,O) Happy week, my friend! ((HUGS))

Lucy Bloom said...

What a great weekend, nice to get away sometimes isn't it. You should get the CK drawers, they are in the sale, and I haven't seen them in the new catalogue. You know you want to! ;-)
Lucy x

Marrisa said...

Gorgeous post and love the photo of you two in front of the stadium field. Wowee!!
See you get heaps of gorgeous comments too....could do with stealing some of that loveliness!!


Katherines Dream said...

Sound like you had wonderful weekend. Do you live in the Cotswolds?
I had a great day in London - and it was blimmin' freezing - I had to buy a hat and clothes as I di not go prepared, not at all like me really!

Katherines Dream said...

Me again sorry I have just noticed a mistake on previous comment I did mean to say gloves and not clothes......of course! I had clothes on! just not enough layers!

Bumpkin Bears said...

hi, great to see you supporting the rugby - my Grandfather actually used to play for Ireland before WW II. Love your knitted hat too :) Catheirne x