Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Another year gone

Yes indeed folks, tomorrow is the big 31. I am not one of those people who like to moan about getting older. There is absolutely nothing that you can do about it but accept it. See you back here on the eve of my 40th though?! (you bring the tissues, I'll bring the waterproof mascara and wrinkle filler..)

Despite a weekend of working we did manage to spend some lovely sunshine filled hours in the garden.
I have never seen so many forget-me-knots in one place. I do love them though, and they do well at filling flower beds that are a tad unloved in places!

Subday morning. Toast on the terrace! Please ignore the white bread, pilfered leftovers from the cafe.

Remember the quilt I mentioned?

Well it's nearly finished. Just a few bits of tinkering around the corners and binding.

Not bad considering I started off with a pair of kitchen scissors and a bundle of fabric! Thankyou to Nancy and Tess for the inspiration!

I will show you a proper photo when it's finished. Meanwhile I have treated myself to a proper rotary cutter and am already collecting samples of fabric for the next one! It's really rather addictive, isn't it?!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

It's been a busy couple of weeks or so....

These pictures will all make sense when you reach the bottom..Blogger is still messing me about, but I shall sort it soon! In the meantime feel free to coo over the pretty pink cakes!

Today- Making pavlova for tomorrow when my folks come for dinner. Never fear, Ma, it will also be laden with cream and strawberries...

Last week- teaching myself at last (with the help of a ladybird book!) to crochet. It may have wobbly ends but there are no holes and I am quite impressed so far..will it be a rug? (for a very small person) or a cushion cover perhaps? Hmm. Don't cushion covers require sewing though? We'll chat more about that venture another time, perhaps.

Sliding around whilst exploring rock pools in St Ives. A lovely early birthday present, and one most thoroughly enjoyed by us both. But not my jeans, unfortunately. A diet of salad and fruit from here on in. After strawberry pavlova, obviously.

Mussels clinging onto the rocks- the photo doesn't do justice to the amazing sight of thousands of shades of blue.

It would be fair to say that it rained just a little. But who cares when sights like this greet you when you look out of your window?

The pirates were also in residence.
Wave watching from the balcony

A couple of weeks ago we held another birthday party at No.9. This time for 13 girls with a fondness for pink. It would be fair to say I was in my element! The cake pictures at the top of the page won't let me move them to the bottom of the page, for some reason.

Nancy, thankyou so much for the loan of the party book- none of it would have been possible otherwise. I promise to send it back soon, honest!