Sunday, 6 April 2008

Fraiche Snow

It was the sunshine streaming in that actually woke me this morning, and I had totally forgotten the promise of snow until I peeked through the (not very efficient) blackout blind. I don't think I will ever not be excited at the sight of snow. Yes, I know it's supposed to be spring, but let's face it, there's not a lot we can do to control the weather so we may as well make the most of whatever it throws at us. (But no rain please, yuck)

Rob took the photos at half past eight this morning. Take my word for it, we are NEVER awake at half past eight on a Sunday usually (no children) but at the sight of snow we did behave like children and decided to get up. Is it possible that the back garden got more snow than the front?

A favourite breakfast destination of choice is Carluccios in Stratford, so off we toddled, half a loaf of old bread to hand to feed the ducks, and a beautiful journey consisting of snow covered trees and fields. The ducks were most appreciative of their breakfast. I had no idea they were so violent though! At one point two ducks jumped on the back of another and tried to drown him because he got to the bread first. I stood on the towpath helpfully shouting at them to get off him, and we ended up throwing bits of bread at them by way of diverting a duck- disaster. Oh dear.

(These are different ducks, not the ones mentioned above looking down and laughing at the third, sinking to the bottom. Just thought I would mention it)

Back home in the warm and I planted some more seeds, both for the allotment and for home.

I bought these yesterday to add to the stash. Seed buying can become quite addictive, if you're so inclined. This afternoon I planted the tomatoes, lettuce and courgettes and they are now enjoying the sunshine on the bedroom windowsills until they germinate. Then the tomatoes will go in a growbag in the greenhouse, the courgettes to the allotment and the lettuce into the garden, heavily proytected from slugs, I might add. Michele (cowboys and custard) very helpfully gave me some advice on my last post for Jasmine, who has now happily been re-homed into a bigger pot with new compost and looks much happier.

Finally I managed to make Driftwoods' Rhubarb and Orange cake this afternoon. We picked the rhubarb from the allotment yesterday morning (still loads of it) and as Sunday is baking day I decided to give it a go. Even if you're not a rhubarb fan I implore you to give it a go, it really does taste amazing, especially with a big spoonful of creme fraiche on top. Yum.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Myrtle bought it...

Oh dear. I fear I have not been a great blogger recently and have no excuse other than pure laziness, unfortunately. It hasn't stopped me from looking at everyone elses though.
Thanks for all of your thoughts and advice on jury service. I only did it for one day, hurrah! And then had to go back to work, boo! But I was secretly pleased. I can say that sitting in a room full of complete strangers was very inspiring for the writing of the old novel though. Talk about all walks of life. There was the 16 year old 'dude' who sauntered in twenty minutes late with his spiky hair and big fat knotted tie, and the older chap who collared me and told me his life story within minutes of me sitting down. There were the two girls in their late teens/ early twenties who spent several hours trying to check out each others outfits without being caught by the other, and the elderly lady who quite happily sat in the corner with her newspaper, oblivious to all around her. I just sat waiting for the sandwich bar to open and sat staring at everyone, obviously! (I did hold a book in front of my face to hide it though!)

Thanks also for your thoughts on Myrtle. Alas, she did not make it...but she had a long, chocolatey and healthy life, and made two people in particular very happy. Once we could decide which order to eat her in, that was...

I thought the ears to be particularly tasty, but there is something quite wrong about pink nose chocolate.

These were my weekend 'Sorry you had to go to work today' present from Rob. Aren't they beautiful? Rhubarb and custard tulips. They are still going strong and it's rather nice to get home whilst there is still daylight and see them looking very funky on the lounge windowsill. Speaking of plants, I am appallingly bad at keeping houseplants alive. I can grow peas, but seem to fail with anything that has to live indoors. Therefore the jasmine that I bought from tesco was a bit of a surprise and is starting to now take over the bathroom.

Do I need to re-pot it or nail trellis to the bathroom wall?! All suggestions gratefully received.