Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Myrtle bought it...

Oh dear. I fear I have not been a great blogger recently and have no excuse other than pure laziness, unfortunately. It hasn't stopped me from looking at everyone elses though.
Thanks for all of your thoughts and advice on jury service. I only did it for one day, hurrah! And then had to go back to work, boo! But I was secretly pleased. I can say that sitting in a room full of complete strangers was very inspiring for the writing of the old novel though. Talk about all walks of life. There was the 16 year old 'dude' who sauntered in twenty minutes late with his spiky hair and big fat knotted tie, and the older chap who collared me and told me his life story within minutes of me sitting down. There were the two girls in their late teens/ early twenties who spent several hours trying to check out each others outfits without being caught by the other, and the elderly lady who quite happily sat in the corner with her newspaper, oblivious to all around her. I just sat waiting for the sandwich bar to open and sat staring at everyone, obviously! (I did hold a book in front of my face to hide it though!)

Thanks also for your thoughts on Myrtle. Alas, she did not make it...but she had a long, chocolatey and healthy life, and made two people in particular very happy. Once we could decide which order to eat her in, that was...

I thought the ears to be particularly tasty, but there is something quite wrong about pink nose chocolate.

These were my weekend 'Sorry you had to go to work today' present from Rob. Aren't they beautiful? Rhubarb and custard tulips. They are still going strong and it's rather nice to get home whilst there is still daylight and see them looking very funky on the lounge windowsill. Speaking of plants, I am appallingly bad at keeping houseplants alive. I can grow peas, but seem to fail with anything that has to live indoors. Therefore the jasmine that I bought from tesco was a bit of a surprise and is starting to now take over the bathroom.

Do I need to re-pot it or nail trellis to the bathroom wall?! All suggestions gratefully received.


Nicola said...


April said...

Mrytle was fulfilling her Easter destiny!

Love the flowers

Glad jury service wasn't too painful!

April xx

Cowboys & Custard said...

Being a self confessed chocoholic here.. Mrytle wouldn't have lasted five minutes with me!

WOW.. hate to sound corny but.. isn't nature wonderful.. those tulips are beautiful!

Re: The Jasmine.. re-pot in good John Innes compost and give some tomorite tomato feed (diluted of course) every few weeks.. put on a sunny window sill.. should thrive!


Vintage Amethyst said...

I'm afraid I'm a vegetarian and so couldn't possibly comment on eating Myrtle, although that pink nose does look rather tempting to me!
I love your tulips, very rhubarb & custard, lovely.
Ooohhh your making me hungry now with all this talk of food!
love Alison x

wendster said...

cowboys and custard seems to know the best Jasmine solution ... but I would add string. You know ... like netting going up the wall for the jasmine to climb. It might like that.

Imagine how sad Myrtle would have been had you NOT eaten her .... "Why won't they eat me?It's my destiny. Aren't I yummy looking enough?" Like being an old "Spinster" ... never kissed, never kissed . .. never mind. Lol.

I'm thinking she was glad to be eaten.

driftwood said...

those tulips are amazing, and I love the name. and the sentiment with which they were bought.

Tracy said...

Glad the jury service did last too long--one day, not bad at all. And such a lovely gift--those tulips are exquisite and cheerful. The jasmine ought definitely to be repotted at this point--that should revive it a bit. But poor Myrtle! I thought I heard a strangled moo... ;o) Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Ragged Roses said...

Poor old Myrtle, a short but happy life. Perhaps a little longer than if she'd have been living here (how's that coming from a vegetarian chocoholic!). Love those tulips now I need to go find some rhubarb and custard sweets! Have a good weekend

mollycupcakes said...

Glad you got through the jury service and it was only day.
It was very funny hearing all about the other people with, just like reading a book lol

Was the pink nose strawberry favlour chocolate? She did look yummy.

Loving the tulips and as for the Jasmine well yours looks alot healther then mine, I put it in the ground as it was in a pot for years and just going around and around but now it looks all dry and well dead oh poo! where did I go wrong?
Have a lovely weekend.

Catherine x

Dragonfly said...

The perfect name for your tulips! They look like they've been painted, don't they?

Not sure if I can offer advice about indoor plants, I'm not very good with them either...

Alison Boon said...

How could you do it. Poor Mrytle.

Gillian L. said...

I really enjoyed all your flower photographs. Thanks for sharing.