Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Oh I do like to be beside the bedside

Sleeping is perhaps one of my most favourite past times. I know, I know, life is too short to waste it sleeping etc.etc. but that is not a motto that I hold with. No no. I LOVE to sleep. And snuggle. And lounge in the warmth. The sad fact is, that the minute I get up each day I look with longing at the warm fluffy cuddly duvet that I have climbed out of and spend the rest of the day looking forward to climbing back in again. I guess bed is a safe place, which I tend to associate with being relaxed, chilled out, a spot of reading,etc. (Oooh, the romance!)

After reading The List Writer, Driftwood and Ali's blogs on bedsides, I thought I would share mine.

Within easy reach of my pit are always the following...

1) Books books and more books- a novel, a poetry book, a recipe book, an interiors book and a short stories book.

2) Weleda Skin Drink...the most fabulous moisturiser on earth

3) Chamomile oil-as recommended by the List Writer and now from me to you-If you ever have trouble dropping off at night you must invest in a bottle of chamomile oil. It's magic!

4) Candles-please note the cupcake shaped candle, a gift from my Mum.

5) My wedding tiara. Not really necessary to keep on my bedside table- obviously I only wear it on Sundays- but I do love the pretty sparkliness of it and it reminds me of a fabulous day.

6) Notebook and pen- for 2am when I suddenly remember something work-related.

7) Red rose corsage-usually ends up pinned to various outfits

8) Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume. Absolutely bee-yootiful.

19) Burts Bees lemon cuticle butter-fabulous stuff, my hands are constantly in an out of water at work and wrecked as a result, this lemon scented stuff works wonders on my cuticles.

10) Neals Yard Rose Water

11) Kiehls lipbalm-my desert island essential!

12) My alarm clock-how I look forward to the day when I no longer need one!!

13) A lamp.

I only hope no one starts a post on chests of drawers...gulp. I can't remember what colour mine is, it's covered in so much junk.

So there you have it.

Sweet dreams. x


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

And the winner is.......


I can't believe I forgot to tell you all in my last post, especially as you were all so full of well wishes, that we actually we won the business award! Hurrah!

The awards were all organised by the Chamber of Commerce, and nominations and votes were made by the public, in various categories. We won for customer service, in joint place with a shoe shop up the road that has been open for over thirty years. The judges decided to award us joint first place because they felt that with the shoe shop being such an old business and us being so new, it would be unfair on us both to go to a 'tie break' situation.

To say we're delighted would be an under statement. I am just thrilled to bits that all of our hard work has been recognised and paid off. It's hardly an Oscar, but to me it feels like one.

I had a regular customer come in today with his boss (they work for an insurance company) asking for some advice. Basically the regular chap, Nick, had told his boss about the cafe and then found out that he also has aspirations to open a cafe/deli/coffee shop, and has been seriously looking into the lease of an empty unit in a town a good few miles away (!). Nick suggested that his boss come and talk to us to get some ideas and advice on how to go about it.

As I was chatting to Mike and telling him about how our cafe came about, what we did, recommended contacts and suppliers to him and gave him a tour, I realised just how much I love our little empire. Truly, I love it! We have fabulous customers, there is always someone to chat to and someone 'willing' to road test the latest cake. Mike asked me if I had any regrets.

"None. We're never going to be millionaires, and it will take a while to pay off the mortgage, but I wouldn't go back to sitting behind a desk for anything." The fact that he went off smiling made me feel very happy indeed. Imagine, someone asking ME for business advice! Heehee.

I promised a 'hello' to my very lovely Grandad, Auntie (sorry Christine) Uncle and cousins, Nicola Bethany and Matthew. I hadn't realised that they were regular blog readers. I shall have to watch my language and behaviour from now on. If you look very closely you may see yourselves in this photo! We all had a most enjoyable big family get together on Sunday which was organised by my Grandad. A belated Christmas gathering, if you will. We don't get to see each other very often due to logistics, but it was lovely to catch up with you all, hopefully we will see you again soon!

Hmm. Possibly not the best family photo ever taken!
This is 'Cake of the Week' Apricot and Almond. I have made two so far. Very yummy indeed. Today I have made parsnip cake. Any takers?