Sunday, 6 January 2008

Full of beans

Is it really Sunday again already? I was feeling so smug at not having to back to work until last Wednesday, and having a nice short week. I also forgot I had to work yesterday, and now here we are again. A day of ironing shirts and tops. Cleaning the bathroom. Doing the washing. Does anybody else have an obscene number of tea towels? I counted 15. And there are definitely more squirrelled away in the cupboard. How weird.

I have begun my spring cleaning early (in the hope it will tempt Spring to hurry up). I made ginger cake this afternoon and hadn't realised I had run our of ground ginger. Not helpful. It was only when I started to sort through my jars of herbs and spices that I realised 6 of them were out of date...and not just by a matter of weeks, we are talking YEARS. Shameful behaviour, I am sure you will agree.
I am now feeling very smug though, because I emptied two kitchen cupboards, cleaned them, LINED them (oh yes!) and examined, tutted and then chucked things in the bin. I recycled the spice and herb jars and composted the contents. I am not sure if that was the best idea I have ever had, and now have visions of paprika and cardoman scented compost in the could be worse...

I have re-stocked the cupboards and treated myself to 2 new plants, fresh thyme to replace the jar of dusty dry thyme, and jasmine to go in the lounge.

I haven't got a photo of the ginger cake because it is safely wrapped up in layers of greaseproof and foil to try and promote 'stickiness'. I do however, have these fellas, who are also ginger flavoured although they like to keep it quiet in case anyone fancies a nibble...

My Mum and Dad bought them as a Christmas present, as I am quite partial to the odd gingerbread man. I am struggling to eat these though. I will have to remember to have a go at making some next Christmas and icing little hats like these ones have. Cute eh?


The List Writer said...

Sadly I have over 25 tea towels...and I just bought a couple more in the Cath Kidston sale!

I should throw out the old ones I guess, but I'm quite partial to them now.

Janette said...

mmm sticky gingerbread sounds lush!! unfortunately as it's new year that means for me that I can't have my cake and eat it.... not until our planned weekend away in Krakow at the beginning of Feb. Got to stick to the healthy food or my one decent winter coat won't be able to cope with the many layers of jumpers I'll no doubt have to wear just to keep hypothermia at bay. Never mind, I'll check back in Feb perhaps you will share the receipe??

by the way can you tell me how to show on my blogs which blogs I like reading cos if you don't mind I'll put your link on mine??



Pinkie Cupcake said...

I don't have enough tea towels, so your post has inspired me to buy more!!!

I'm with you on the spices and herbs, I used Star Anise yesterday and then realised that it had an expiry of June 2003...that was before my daughter was born - eek! Still smelt nice though!

I think you should post the recipe for sticky gingerbread!

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driftwood said...

those gingerbread santas are adorable!
spice scented compost sounds fabulous!!

me said...

I don't have many tea towels and need more! I have been on a quest to buy them but have yet to find ones I like!
Am I being tea towel fussy?

Dragonfly said...

I'm almost too afraid to check the dates of my spices...I think it's all a load of rubbish anyway, they always smell good!

Vanessa said...

I am dribbling at the thought of your ginger cake! Just started a diet TODAY!

I have lots of tea towels too, different colours for all my different kitchens at different homes. I have also made one today as a trial for another product for my web!

Pinkie Cupcake said...
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Pinkie Cupcake said...

Aaargh sorry, pc froze!

Now...I've ordered 3 Cath Kidstone and you've got me on Emma Bridgewater now. Bidding on a heart tea-towel (to match my new EB Apron that I got for Christmas). Just seen a great one of hers about Domestic Goddesses and Daniel Craig....I'm tempted.

Ragged Roses said...

Wow you have been busy! I love ginger cake. I'm afraid I love tea towels too. I would count them but I can't actually get them all out of the drawer as there are so many of them crammed in! I like the sound of a spice scented compost bin!

mollycupcakes said...

A cuppa and gingerbread man gets me up in the mornings. It's just the right start to the day lol
They look very yummy.


Catherine x

Elizabeth said...

What wonderful hats your gingerbreadmen are wearing!
I came to your site via Pinkpurl.
what a lovely picture of your garden in the side bar.
All best wishes from Marrakesh for a wonderful '08

Tracy said...

Good idea...start spring cleaning now, and surely that sweet season will return! Oh, I wish! LOL! Those gingerbread men have me itching for something sweet-YUM! Have a great week, my friend ((HUGS))

carol eldridge said...

just found you thru Tracy at Pink Purl...I love that area you live in the Cotswolds...we have visited there once for my April birthday and stayed at a darling inn, had a roast lamb dinner and went for a long walk. Everything was so pretty and charming and I bought myself a pair of Wellies to wear in my garden.