Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Friday Night Project

Yesterday I had a request for two pairs of earrings for a girl at work to match her red and pink outfits. Its been a while since I have made any jewellery and as I sat with my box of tricks last night I remembered how therapeutic the whole experience is. I love sitting with hundreds of shiny beads in front of me, deciding which size and colour looks best, and in which combination.

I got a bit carried away and ended up making several pairs, one of which I have been modelling today. I wear quite a lot of black to work, mainly because it is easy and doesn't take much brain power early in the morning, when quite frankly I am not at my best. These earrings are a new design and I quite like them as they are a bit normal to the ones I normally make...what do you think? All feedback gratefully received, especially if I am going to set up the Etsy shop! (work in progress)

These ones are a more standard design but still look pretty, I think. Hopefully Kerri will like them.

I have been to work day and it has been manically busy, which is great, but it's been so grey and horrible outside! I hear tomorrow is going to be the same. I do hate wet grey Sundays, especially when I have been sat in an office all day on the Saturday. I think some cooking may be in order tomorrow. Mum has made the ginger cake from previous posts today and I popped in to see her and Dad on the way home from work. The cake looked and smelled fabulous. I don't think I can force any more ginger cake upon the work lot so may have to try something new tomorrow. I am quite tempted by Nancys (Philosophyoflists) cherry marble cake but think it looks a bit beyond me..she has more patience than me! It must come from having children!

I forgot to show you the incredibly girlie heart earrings. I was just playing around really, with some new beads - I bet Barbie would love them!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far...


driftwood said...

oh they are really nice, hope to see them in etsy soon. the barbie hearts will be perfect for valentines!

dottycookie said...

They are gorgeous! I do like the new design you've tried, very pretty. I used to make and wear lots of earrings but in recent years pierced earrings have triggered horrible reactions, regardless of what they're made from - which makes me sad!

Janette said...

I think your earrings are lovely and would be great on Etsy. Have you tried monster rings or hoops? ( I think that's what they are called), my friend makes a lot of jewellery and she has found that recently earings made on those sell really well and I've worn them and they are really comfortable especially for people who don't like the normal butterfly backs. Just an idea. Also my friend does not have an etsy store but sells loads (and I mean loads) of her jewellery by doing jewellery parties, she started doing them at her house and it just escalated from there. She makes a batch of jewellery and then organises the party that way only doing stuff to her own timescales. If you are serious about doing craft work it might be worth a try and is a good way of seeing what people are picking up to buy or picking up and putting down again.

I did a card party in November and took loads of orders for Christmas cards I was surprised at how well it went. And if you can't find the right sort of craft fairs it is a way of getting people to see your creations.

Hazel Designs said...

I love them! Esp. the black and silver one.

I can't wait until you open your Etsy shop! It's pretty addicting - I check mine every 5 minutes to see if anyone's bought anything.

Vanessa said...

Working on a Saturday, wet on Sunday, it sounds like a good excuse for a duvet day to me! I'm the wrong person to make a comment on jewellery as I never wear any as it makes my the hair on the back of my neck stand on end! Sorry!

Florence said...

First time here (after you left a lovely comment on my blog - thank you!). I love your earrings, paricularly the ones made for Keri, and think that a wine glass is the most lovely way to display them! (I also love your 'about me' section - so many similar interests, not least Jo Malone goodies!).

Tracy said...

LOVE them all!! I know your colleague will love them. I especially like that last pair with the heart. You'll go far with your own shop...((HUGS))

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely earrings Anna. I can't wear earrings anymore otherwise I'd be requesting a pair! Something wonderful about sitting down with a box of colourful beads to play with, I feel the same about fabric. Good luck with the Etsy shop, take the plunge!!! Hope you had a good Sunday, poor you working on a busy Saturday. Take care

Cowboys & Custard said...

Thank you for dropping by the other day..
I am just having a quick tea break and thought I would come and visit ...and so glad I did.
I love your chirpy sense of humour.
Lovely to see your crafts and I will return to see what you get up to next..


Vintage Amethyst said...

They are all lovely!
I know what you mean about being alone, I always make my jewellery downstairs whilst having a favourite DVD on, one that I have watched so many times I don't really need to see what is happening as I am concentrating on tiny pieces! Oohhh I often get 'told' off for beads being all over the floor! Tee hee!
Love Alison x

Vintage Amethyst said...

ooohh I forgot to say I only wish my studio room smelt so nice but I share it with my husband who is an artist and so it generally smells of paint & varnish!!!! Boo!!!!
love A x