Monday, 21 July 2008

Peasy Does It

The peas on our allotment are SPECIAL. Oh yes! They are square...and if you are really clever (or bored) you can build blocks with so! And no, no superglue was used, you cheeky lot!

Unfortunately the Gladioli are just normal, no super powers or anything. But they are rather beautiful in colour. They are also very traditional flowers to have on an allotment. Our were bought very cheaply from Lidls, and have been watched over anxiously ever since. I have never grown them before, and am so pleased with the result. they really liven up the bottom section of the plot.

And just to show some of you kind souls, who have worried that I have been working myself too hard... this is a typical Sunday evening in our household! Please note several things,

1) The dead mans arm on the television screen!

2) A couple of you may recognise certain cards on the mantlepiece!

3) And a couple more of you may notice the vase of dead flowers. They really are going to be thrown out today. Honest.

4) That is orange squash in my glass. What is happening to me?!! "Must not drink on a school night" perhaps? Nope. I just didn't like the wine!


The List Writer said...

Square peas??!

Love the woolly socks. I have some just the same - obviously!

driftwood said...

hey magic peas!
love your sunday night, ours involved me falling asleep and missing the end of a film..........

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

The pic of your feet and the TV could be me and my
How fab are the peas they look very yummy......Claire xx

julia said...

Looks like any old night in our house!
Love the square peas!
Julia x

dottycookie said...

Lovely peas! Ours are all scoffed now.

And I am looking enviously at yourt rabbit proof fence. I have just returned from the wasteland to find that rabbits and/or pigeons have eaten 30 of the 36 little plants we put in on Sunday, and are undoubtedly planning to come back for the rest this evening. Grrrr.

Tracy said...

Don't like wine??!! The mind boggles, but there you squash is good though too ;o) LOVE your magic, sqaure peas--too cute! Glad you see you're getting to put your feet up a busy you are thesedays. Thanks so much for stopping by :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Ali said...

Just stopped by to read your blog - lovely square peas! I have just put mine in, so will let you know what they come out like - round or square - that is the question!!

periwinkle said...

after all that hard work you deserve to put your feet up. Gladioli bring back memories of when my dad used to grow them and they were bigger than me
lisa x

Sal said...

Your square peas are fab! I love the gladioli as well ;-)

mollycupcakes said...

Your peas look so yummy maybe I could get our girls to eat some if they could build with them first lol
Good to see you both getting some well deserved Sunday night rest. And I spy my card on your fire place.
And in the other post is that the gorgeous red dotty Cath Kidston radio? how lovely if she left it as a good luck gift.
Many hugs.
Catherine xxx

Ragged Roses said...

Now what could you have been watching? Square peas remind me of some sweets I use to love but can't remember what they were called, mind you everything reminds me of sweets these days!!! Your gladioli look gorgeous, the old men at our old allotments would grow rows and rows of them, they always looked fab

Miss sew n sew said...

I was given a big bag of gladioli bulbs last year they make beautiful cut flowers and last for ages!
Love your amazing peas and glad to see you've found time to put your feet up!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Square peas and no wine!!!!
Mmmmmmm somethings afoot here methinks!
Love Alison x

April said...


Just to let you know I've tagged you on my blog

April xx

Brierley & Clover said...

Dame Edna would be very proud of those gladis! Lovely!

Cowboys and Custard said...

That programme you were watching looks dead boring! Oh dear... what has happened to my sense of humour these days!?
Glad to see you are in a semi-horizontal position Anna... just make sure you don't have too many of those orange squashes.. you never know where it will lead to..

Michele xx

Suzie Sews said...

magic peas....put one under your matress and one in the garden.....