Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Coffee, tea, or me?

Something mad and crazy and ever so slightly scary has happened. I am buying a cafe.

Yep, no longer a horrid estate agent (well, a nice one actually, but lets face it, they don't have the greatest of reputations..) I shall instead be spending my days making sandwiches, learning to make fancy cups of frothy coffee and hopefully having a grand old time.

I do appreciate that I shall also have to be getting up very early, sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning toilets and being very nice to people even when they are being grumpy, but then I am used to that anyway. I do a great line in gritted teeth conversations...

It wasn't planned, oh no, it sort of just fell it into my lap. Well mine and my 'business partner' Tee hee. Makes me laugh every time I say 'business partner'. Sounds like the sort of thing a grown up would say.

After posting about my 30th birthday on here I had so many encouraging comments and emails from peope, saying how their 30's were just the best time. How you found yourselves, suddenly felt comfortable, realised what it was all about. And it made me think, really. I did enjoy my job but it wasn't the be all and end all. I worked to live, and that was ok, more than ok, in fact, but I wasn't passionate about it. I started to become complacent and that's not a good way to be in a sales job, in my mind. If the decision hadn't been made for me, if I hadn't have lost our baby then I would no doubt still be there, crossing off the days and counting down on my calender until maternity leave was due to start. Instead, a different path has been carved out for me, for now, and this seems to be it. I'm thrilled that I have something to keep me occupied, something exciting that keeps my mind busy every waking moment. There are lots of those. I am struggling to sleep, have been for a while now, and this news has only made the insomnia worse. At least now I can think about cake and soup recipes though, rather than sadder subjects.

So hopefully in early August we shall be open for business. Please stop by, all of you, when you are passing. I will pop the kettle on, or make you a frappuccinomochalatte extra foam hold the marshmallows or whatever...and take a nice fat slice of homemade cake from my glass domed cake stand. It would be lovely to see you.


Smirking Cat said...

I just came across your blog, searching for others who listed "gardening" as an interest, and I have to say, congratulations for your boldness and trying something new! A lot of people let fear stop them from trying things.

The List Writer said...

I am so excited for you - and envious of all the people who live close enough to pop in on a regular basis. For me, new years always run from one birthday to the next rather than by calendar year. I think you've got a great year ahead of you.

N. xxxx

Kitty said...

Gosh, how fantastic! I wish you and your business partner all good wishes for your new venture: so exciting! x

Lucy @attic24 said...

oh my word Anna, how utterly, totally, spinetingly exciting and thrilling for you (and us)!!!!! I am delighted for you and wish you the best luck, happiness and success with your new venture. Can't wait to hear more, I have such a soft spot for lovely cafes, and I've no doubt yours will be a delight, I so wished I lived near you to pop in...*sigh*

Dragonfly said...

I can't wait to come visit! Mine's a hazelnut latte, please!

kristina said...

Wow! This is so amazing! I've dreamed for a long time of owning/running a knitting cafe, but I'm simply not brave enough. I'd so love to come visit!

julia said...

Wow, not only am I thrilled to bits for you (and I have to admit, more than a little green around the gills - I've always wanted a cafe!) but I'm also close enough to visit. Pleeease let me know where it is and when you open and I'll be over there like a shot!
Julia x

Kimberley said...

EEEEEEEK!!! That is so exciting, congratulations! :)

I harbor a not-so-secret dream of opening a homegoods emporium/cafe/dog spa (it's weird, I know, but it's MY dream!)... I know I'll never, ever do it unless I win the lottery. I'm too fond of health insurance ;)

Best of luck-- I am so excited for you :)

wendster said...

I am very excited for you! This sounds like a fabulous opportunity.

I hope you will allow me to advise you in one thing, and I will limit it to the one.

GET IT IN WRITING. Don't skimp on the cost of an attorney to write things up between you. Protect yourself and your partner.

Anything you and your partner decide, business policies, money handling, EVERYTHING ... get it in writing.

Me and my most trusted friend became business partners and I enjoyed it so much ... she had poor credit so I signed all of the documents. After spending all of the money, she declared bankruptcy, left me with the Line Of Credit Bills to pay off, and never spoke to me again. She ended up almost 200,000 dollars richer and I ended up with the bills ... and since I didn't have anything in writing, I am screwed. I NEVER would have thought her capable of doing this to me. But the reality of it is that I did this to MYSELF. By substituting trust for legal documents.

It is tempting to say: "But my business partner isn't asking me to sign for a line of credit so I don't have to worry" .... but it is the same with anything the two of you will ever do together. If there ever comes a time when heads butt, the only thing that will serve you is documentation detailing the agreement between you.
Good paperwork makes for good businesses and good business partners. I learned the hard way.

That being said, I am STILL very excited for you about opening a cafe. I wish you every bit of luck with it. It seems like a fabulous opportunity.

JuliaB said...

oooh! Congratulations you lucky devil! It's long been a dream of mine to own a cafe but i'm not so sure of the responsibility! So I work in one instead. These blogs are so encouragingly inspirational though, that perhaps I will find enough courage to take the plunge soon.
Well done anyway! I'm so glad you have found something to make you so happy after your recent sadness. x BTW .. where is it???

Cowboys & Custard said...

You had better brace yourself for the stampede Anna!
I will be beating a path to your new establishment and clutching a purse full of coins to purchase one of your fine cakes and frothy de-caff latte please!
Oh what a dream.. I am so excited for you...
Have you got a clean pinny?

with love

mollycupcakes said...

Oh Anna,
I'm so happy for you I could brust lol
Reading that fabulous post made me smile for ear to ear.
You truely deserve happy ever after hun and I think you'll have it with this new start in life.
How wonderful your own little cafe.
Now my cheeky bit will you be having a crafty selling bit also? As I'd love to do you a exclusive pack of pegs, something cupcake and teacups.
OOwww what name are you giving the cafe? Because you know All Things Lovely sounds fab. Just an idea sweetie, cor I'm so nosy lol
Many, many hugs lovely lady.
Catherine x

April said...

Oh Anna, that's amazing - I am so jealous because my biggest dream is to open my own posh cake shop and one day I WILL!!!

I am so thrilled for you - you know where to come for cake recipes, just wish I was close enough to make them for you myself and be your cake supplier!!


April xx

Curlew Country said...

Oh Anna I am so thrilled for you. What a brilliant idea, it sounds right up your street.

Here's to a really successful time in business terms and on the home front. Good for you for being so postive, you should be completely proud of yourslef.

Can't wait to hear and see much more about your cafe (what's it called?) If only I was round the corner, would love to pop by for a capuccino and a big slice of cake with you.
All the best

Jessica said...

OOOO congrats!!! In my little dreams I'd like to open a cafe. I am very excited for you and wish you the very best of luck. I look forward to hearing more about this adventure!

Katherines Dream said...

That is wonderful news!
I am going to stop by for a coffee you must tell me where it is?
How exciting...I would love a little cafe...there is a a really pretty vintage style cafe in Broadstairs...very shabby chic...and full of wonderful bits and pieces that you buy. Have you been to the little chocolate shop in Stow - a young lady has just moved there and is loving her little place so much she does not want to go home a 6pm!
You are going to have so much fun there...along with biting your tongue sometimes I'm sure!!!
Brilliant Anna....
Carol x

Nicola said...

Well done Mrs Field!Soooooo excited for you. I haven't got around to replying to your latest email yet but I will. Didn't go to ZB last week but will defo be going tomorrow or over the weekend so will arm myself with paper, pencil and camera (hidden in my handbag of course!) to see what ideas I can steal for you. xxxx

dottycookie said...

Wow. WOW! Good for you, brave girl - I wish I could come over for a very fancy coffee and cake and jam and the works. Wishing you every success - I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

How fantastic, I'm sure if you tell us where it is we will all definatly keep you in business with trips to visit! I adore visiting the Cotswolds, myself and hubby often take a day trip as its not too far for us so please let us know where it will be as we will definatly visit! Good luck and cant wait to hear all about it.....Claire xx

pink-petal-designs said...

Good Luck with your new buisness !!
Also you won the bookmark on my blog giveaway if you could drop me your details.
Sarah x

Vanessa said...

I'm really happy it has put a great big smile on my face. I'm glad some one is doing something they will really love!

I'm planning a life changing decision at the moment but I don't know what to do!


Pretty Practicals said...

Hi, ooh how exciting! Where is the cafe? I will definately call in on my journeys across the country... it's going to be great to know that there will be a social-able excuse to stop (sorry about the spelling, my brain is on a go-slow this evening).

prettyshabby said...

oh this sounds very go for it girlie and have yourself a fabulous new start in life! x

Gill - That British Woman said...

I wanted to wish you lots of luck with your new venture.

Gill from Canada

driftwood said...

looks like you better buy a big teapot anna if we're all coming round to visit!

Hazel Designs said...

Wonderful news, Anna! Congratulations and best of luck! I can't wait to see pictures of your new cafe.

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Anna that is the best news!!! I am so excited for you, you are going to have a wonderful time. You so deserve to have some good news come your way. Wish I lived a bit nearer I would be first in line for a piece of cake and decaff coff!!! Wishing you every success and lots of sleep!!!

Pinkie Cupcake said...

Congratulations! I will try and offer any advice I can ;-) After my first week of opening, I can tell you that you will definitely need a foot spa every night, enough tea towels to sink a battleship (afraid I have boring IKEA ones and not pretty Cath Kidston...yet). It is very hard work but sooooo worth it. xxxx

periwinkle said...

well done on making such a big step, wishing you all the luck in the world
lisa x

Janette said...

how fab and exciting. will definitely pop in when camping down your way. Brilliant news - you go for it girl - keep your dream alive.


me said...

Hi Anna,
Well done you girl!!
I have to say I agree with Wendster - just make sure you cross all your 't's' and dot all your 'i's'.
Think about every possible thing that could happen and cover it!
Keep everything equal too - this makes it all very easy. Don't skimp on insurances for you, both and your customers!
And the one that really bugs me is the pricey licences (yes you need 2!) to play background music!
I'm sure you will enjoy yourself - hey you can sell your fruit and veg that you have grown, the cakes you bake and get in a little glass cabinet for your jewellery!!
email me if you need anything

funkymonkey said...

Mine's a carrot cake and cappucino please. Good Luck!

Cathy said...

That is so exciting - good for you! Instead of going out for coffee as we planned I can now come and have it with you!! Good luck with the setting up (and I hope your dad is up for working even harder at the allotment now you'll be so busy!).
Cathy XX

Fancy Elastic said...

Wow, well done! How very exciting! I'd love a cafe. I'm looking forward to reading about how you get on.

Country Cottage Chic said...

How absolutely wonderful! I wish you all the best of luck & look forward to seeing some photos of the new cafe!

alice c said...

Go Anna!! What a wonderful project - I wish you the very best of luck.