Sunday, 13 July 2008

It feels a bit like the Oscars, you know

How simply splendid to receive awards, I feel like an Oscar winner! (well, I imagine it feels similiar, obviously never having been awarded an Oscar, nor is it likely that I ever know what I mean!) anyway, this one above is from Steph at Curlew Country-have you met her? Pop in, she lives in a beautiful part of the country and is always up to something interesting. Her house benefits beautiful countryside views and her garden is fabulous, considering she hasn't been a gardener for long. She certainly puts me to shame.

This one below is from April, at Cake Makes the World a Better Place (it does, you know) if ever there was a blog with a more apt title, I don't know what it is. April knows her cake. Oh yes, if you are in need of a sweet, icing laden fix then go and see April. She also likes pink, which is never a bad thing, in my opinion.
Thankyou so much, girls, to you both, I am incredibly flattered by the awards, and I need to pass them on, obviously! I forgot to do that last time, sorry, but am blaming it on my general scattiness of, here goes,

5 Blogs that make my day to be awarded to...(drum roll, please!)

* Lucy at Attic 24- Lucy's blog is a recent discovery of mine, and I get incredibly excited when I see she has done a new posting. We seem to share a very similar sense of humour, and her photos are fabulous, whereas mine are always taken in a hurry and seem to be very blurry. Ah well...she also cooks a mean fritatta...

* Catherine at Mollycupcakes- she has been incredibly supportive to me since I started blogging and for that I thank her greatly. She also has VERY cute children, makes amazing spotty bits and pieces, some of which are scattered around my kitchen, and she always makes me smile.

* Kim at Ragged Roses, for thinking of me when she is getting dressed in the morning!! (haha) I always check in on her blog late on a Monday or early on a Tuesday, if I can, as it is almost guaranteed that she will have shared another interesting post of what she has been up to. Kims' blog is one of those that has me shouting at the computer (in a good, 'Me too!' kind of way)

* Michele at Cowboys and Custard, (have you seen her kitchen?!) but also, she makes me laugh so much. Again, a huge support to me since I started blogging and I do believe if we lived closer I would be permanently camped out on her doorstep, actually. If that's ok...don't go calling the police or anything...

* Nancy at Philosophyoflists. Blimey that girl can write a list, you know. And she is so good at it, as well! Nancy is the person who inspired me to blog in the first place, so really she is to blame. Sorry about that. I think she probably has a few lists simmering as I type, so do go over and check regularly, won't you?

And 5 Brilliante Weblogs! to,

* Alison at Vintage Amethyst- do you have room for any more awards, Alison?! Alison has a fabulous online shop full of beautiful things for sale, so do check it out. It's the perfect place to buy presents for yourself (or others, of course) Alison and I are on the same wavelength and do share some bizarre similarities...she is a very amusing, kind and lovely lady with a brilliant blog. Go and visit her!

* Val at Dottycookie. She has got a new allotment, you know! Val has een working VERY hard, weeding, digging and turning over soil to get her new plot in prime condition. Her blog always makes very interesting reading

* Tess at Driftwood...officially now a charity worker, due to the billions of pink gingham aprons she has been sewing of late for charity..atta girl! She should hopefully be emerging soon, more or less unscathed from the enormous pile of aprons, out into the sunshine!

* Tracey at Dragonfly. Her garden is AMAZING. Seriously, it looks like it should be in Homes and Gardens. Tracey is a wonderful person, who has been through so much but remains upbeat, supportive to others and actually makes me feel quite humble, really. She is incredibly talented, from crochet to stained glass to gardening to cooking. Darn it, I think I've talked her up too much now...Have a look at my bug infested nasturtiams, instead!

I don't know if I have bored you before on the fact that guttering is fabulous stuff indeed for growing, especially for radishes, as they don't need masses of space for root growth. They also grow very quickly...
And remember the herb garden that was first planted up a few months back? Well as you can see above, the plants are growing madly. A combination of far too much rain and a teeny bit of sun seem to be just what they like. Unfortunately some plants, like the parsley have gone to seed but the flowers are still pretty!

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend. We were planning on going camping, but didn't make it due to the weather forecast. Instead we have been mooching about at home, cooking and gardening, and down at the allotment digging potatoes and pulling up weeds of triffid like proportions.

Thankyou all again for your continued support on the cafe front...I shall no doubt be back to bore you with further news soon!


Tracy said...

Congratulations on your awards, Anna--well done, girl...and they couldn't go to a sweet person, your blog is brilliant! Lots of lush beauty at your patch--love to see what's happening and how things are growing! Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Dragonfly said...

You deserve every award that comes your way, and thank you so much for passing one on my way!
My garden doesn't feel amazing at the moment, in fact it needs days worth of time spent out there, but I seem to have lost my gardening mojo - I blame the weather!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Congratulations on your awards you are so deserving of them, and you are super super sweet for passing one on to me too, thank you lots and lots.
What a shame you didn't make it camping, we went to a bbq last night at friends but of course it rained! Boo, but of course we still had fun.
Hope you get away camping soon if this horrid summer weather will allow you to.
lots of love
Alison x

dottycookie said...

Congrats on your awards, and thanks for passing one on to me! We actualy managed to do some planting today. All the digging has been eating into my crafting time! One day our allotment will look like yours ...

Sorry you didn't make it camping, but hope you get out there again soon!

driftwood said...

congrats on your awards, and thanks for passing one on to me, you are such a sweetie!
the herb garden looks great, and the radishes idea is fab - I've seen it on the tv, but you're the first real person I've known to do it!

K.C. said...

Just popping in and seeing your award. Well deserved. Great blog. Isn't blogging wonderful. It notices our worlds for what they are.

Glad you recieved this. Well done!


Sal said...

I love growing herbs.
My Nasturtiums are not even in flower! Everything is so slow blooming..we need sun!!
Well done on your awards! Sal ;-)

julia said...

Sorry, I've just tagged you again! Feel free not to join in if you're tag-weary!
Well done on all the awards, richly deserved I'd say!
Julia x

mollycupcakes said...

Honey I don't think you could ever bore me with your cafe tales, I'm so over the moon for you and have gone on and on about you to Ben hehe! he now feels like he knows you too.
Well done on the other awards and thank you for giving one back to me. I'm very fattered honey.
The herbs look yummy, not keen on radishes (fussy moo I am lol).
Hope you've had a fab weekend. And I'll pop the recipe in the post tomorrow.
Many hugs.

Kitty said...

Congratulations on the awards! Your garden is looking lovely - nasturtiums always get bugs don't they? At least mine do.

TAke care. x

JuliaB said...

OoooH! We've got some spare guttering! I'll have to try that one!!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Anna
You are such a sweetie... thank you so much for my award.. and congrats to you for yours..
The sense of humour bit is mutual my dear.. you have a wonderful way with words and your blog is such a delight to read... always upbeat and sparkly (despite your recent troubles).
Hats off to you girl and hurry up with that cafe... I am gagging for a coffee or is it Gaggia??
Lots of love

The List Writer said...

Oooh look at you award girl! They are well deserved. And thank you for passing one on my way.

Your nasturtiums look fine to me - but notice you didn't exactly zoom in close on the bugs - ha!!

N. xxx

Annie's Abode said...

well done with the awards and good luck with the cafe - how exciting!

it is such a shame that we cannot depend on our weather and do as we planned - however the rain and the odd spot of sunshine is doing wonders for my garden although the slugs have been a a nuisance.

Ragged Roses said...

I'd like to thank Mr Ragged Roses, Big sister, Little Sister, my cats, sewing machine, PG Tips, all vintage eiderdowns, red enamelware and you dear Anna for this award ...!!!! thanks so much Anna and there you've got me thinking about you early on in the morning (and yes I am in a state of disarray)! Conrats too on your awards, they are very well deserved, I love visiting your blog and reading your words

Curlew Country said...

Hello Anna
Thanks so much for the mention on your blog - you are a kind thing and guess what, you've won my givewaway of the crinoline ladies chairbacks! When you get a minute away from walloping the cafe walls, please could you drop me a line with your address and I'll post them off asap!
Hope you're having a good week.

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

Hi Anna
oh hunny, thank you so very very VERY much for awarding me the award, I am seriously chuffed, and congrats to you also, you do so deserve it and your blog is a delight.

I am in awe of your cafe venture, its so very very exciting to be following this with you! I have so much to say on the subject (I adore cafes and have studied many), but will not clog up your comments, will try find time to email you....however, I feel whatever you do will be wonderful. Will be in touch email soon

Brierley & Clover said...

Congratulations on the fab news about the cafe! I'll be looking forward to all your updates and hopefully will have a little advice - we have 3 cafes in the family!

Congrats on the awards too - very well deserved!

me said...

Hello, second reply in one night - see your pictures of cafe blog below! Popular girl Ms Lovely!
By the way, what is the name of the cafe going to be...or have I missed that?
email address: