Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Fancy a cuppa?

Firstly I have to thank Mr GG (as he has become fondly known by several of you!) for his regular updates on the blog of late. I apologise for being out of action (or order, depending on how you look at it!) but he has built up quite a fan base it seems in my absence!

As you are quite possibly aware by now, we are officially....

Thankyou to April for the beautifully crafted sign!
Because I have been up since stupid-o-clock this morning and am fit to drop, I thought I would keep it brief and bore you with a few more pics of No.9....

Thankyou to Tessa for the pink gingham bunting above the till! It has had many admiring glances, and one small princess has requested we keep it there for her birthday party in November!

The 'poseur' tables, which have attracted all of the young trendies...

Colouring pencils, books and paper to keep the small people amused.

Some of the paintings and mosaics created by local artists. The idea is that people will buy them all and we can change the decor continuously, to help change the atmosphere.

Heart shaped blackboard from the fabulous Vintage Amethyst!

And one of the absolute best things about the cafe? Having individual heart shaped marmite sachets. How cool?!! Sigh.

I have been incredibly fortunate to meet TWO bloggers this week. The delightful Mr and Mrs Cowboys and Custard arrived on a surprise visit on Monday morning, and we managed to sit and have a coffee together before the mad rush began. Yesterday afternoon the lovely Dragonfly arrived to sample the Hazelnut Latte. It was lovely to meet you all, and thankyou so much for making the trip over to Gloucestershire, I hope you come back again one day!

Dragonfly has also awarded me with this, which is gratefully received, thankyou!

And this, from Petticoat Lane AND Cowboys and Custard. How fabulous! Thankyou so much to you all, ladies, I am incredibly touched that you thought of me. And I thought it pertinent that I put them, next to the shiny teapots...I just need to find a special home for the marmite first though!

I know it's a bit naughty, but rather than forward my awards to any particular bloggers, I am going instead going to award it to all of you, with my grateful thanks for all of your support and warm wishes over the last few difficult months. You have helped far more than you realise.

I think that's probably quite enough to be going on with! I am off for a lovely long snooze...thankyou once again for all of your wonderful comments, well wishes, cards and gifts. It makes all of this even more worthwhile to know that you're interested!



Dragonfly said...

It was lovely to meet you too! And you make a fab hazelnut latte, so return, I shall!

dottycookie said...

It looks absolutely perfect, and I love the fact that you've got colouring stuff for the littlies!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Dear Anna... cafe owner extraordinaire...
It was such a joy to meet you and I am so relieved that you were open on the Bank Holiday.. Well of course you would be... I knew that!
Your new establishment is a real credit to you Anna.. you are such a sweetie and have created a lovely cosy and friendly place to come and have a coffee and chat... Just a shame that it is about 60 miles from us.. but we will return again.. promise!
Mrs Custard xxx
P.s Great coffee !!!

mollycupcakes said...

OMG Anna, the cafe looks so amazing I can't wait to pop in and see you.
Thanks for the email sweetie, Ben knows where you are and will prob drop me off first then take the girlies off to Grandmas. And come back and get me later, bless him.
It was so sweet of Mr GG to fill in for you. I enjoyed reading his posts, he's a real hun.
Right off you go an dget some much needed rest honey-pie.
And I'll see you soon.
Lots of love,
Catherine x

driftwood said...

it looks wonderful Anna, I love that plant in the pink spotty cup and saucer! am very envious of those you've been in for coffee........

julia said...

Hi Anna,
The cafe looks amazing, well done you!. Can you let me know where it is so I can pop over when the children are back at school.
Julia x

CrazyJaneDesigns said...

your cafe looks wonderful!!! I may be a bit far to drop in but, I'd love to know where you are just in case we are up your way. I'm sure you'll make it a huge success.

Donna said...

Oh how I wish I were nearer. What a beautiful space you have created there, well done :-)

funkymonkey said...

Cafe looks gorgeous. Wish I lived nearby to be able to sample the cakes.

Petticoat Lane said...

It look SO lovely Anna. I love all the artwork on the walls, great to support the local community.
Little did we know when measuring up that little black & White cottage (that no one wanted to buy), that all these years later you'd be the proud owner of a beautiful cafe just around the corner!!
Have you sent Wendi an invite yet? It's all on the one level so James should be able to manage! She could pop in on the way to Cav House to meet with her personal shopper. x

Jessica said...

Congratulations on your grand opening! It looks like a lovely place. Too bad I'm too far away to visit :(

Rachel said...

Your cafe looks fabulous! I love all the special extra touches - the colouring pencils for the kiddies, the heart chalkboard (I have one of those too!) the plant in the teacup - I just wish you were local to me, I'd be in there every day!

Ragged Roses said...

Well Mrs Garden Girl, or should that be Mrs Cafe Girl, where do you find the time to blog and run an amazing cafe? Tell me your secret please, I think that if even if I were to awake at stupid'o'clock I wouldn't be able to manage it! Congratulations, it all looks absolutely wonderful, You must be very proud (and tired)

JuliaB said...

Ooh Anna, your No9 looks FAB! I love the green spotty table cloths. It looks like a calm and relaxing space to unwind. Well done. Hope the waffle sales are doing well. If i'm ever out that way i'll be sure to pop in! x

alice c said...

It looks to me as though you should be 'By Royal Appointment to Blogland' - I hope that I am driving through Cheltenham in the future because I have developed a craving for hazelnut latte.

prettyshabby said...

Oh wow Anna, no.9 looks fab! Hope to come and have a cappucino some day and say hello! x

April said...

Oh Anna, it all looks so lovely - I am thrilled. So glad that you like the sign and I am delighted by the postcard you sent me!

I am desperately trying to work out a way of coming to visit - and I WILL - one day!

April xx

julia said...

Thank you for such a lovely warm welcome today Anna and Gavin. What a fantastic cafe, the waffles were a treat! The children (and me) are itching to get back asap! Well done!
Julia xx

shabby chic said...

Hi Anna
It looks great and so lovely. I love all the little things you have added which give it a nice feel. Its great to have colouring stuff for the kids & books too. Heart shaped marmite sachets thats so cool!. It all looks lovely esoecially those yummmy cakes. Hopefully I will be able to come out one day and visit you
x Dominique

Curlew Country said...

Anna your cafe looks so inviting - make mine a cappucino! Well done and than you to Mr G for his updates and you for your lovely pictures. Wish I could come and bring my little me, they'd love it!
You deserve a long rest, wishing you lots more success.

Flo said...

Ooh what a lovely looking cafe, I only wish I lived a little closer so that I could visit!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhh it all looks lovely.
I love the idea of little things to keep little ones busy too, fab!
Oooooh and thank you for the plug too! *wink*
Lovely that you have been able to meet other bloggers too, you lucky thing.
Have a great weekend
Alison x

Cathy said...

Hi Anna,
I'm glad you are up and running, and so successfully too from the sound of it. I am hoping to pop over one day next week. Do you still need the chalkboards? If so I will bring them with me.
The hazelnut latte sounds fab - I can't wait to sample it!
Cathy XX

periwinkle said...

It all looks so lovely - i think its a great idea to sell artwork so that things keep changing, and as for the pink polka cup - love it.
lisa x

Lisa said...

Hi Anna
I loved looking at all the photos of the different parts of your beautiful cafe.
I too wish I lived closer so I could pop along.
I wish you every success, you've worked so hard.
Thank you so much for the kind words you left on my blog, it really meant a lot during what has been the most traumatic part of my life.
Take care
Lisa x

Miss sew n sew said...

Ooooh I wish your lovely cafe was in my town it looks beautiful! I love the tea cup planter! I've heard you do very nice waffles!

Tracy said...

Hi, Anna! Your cafe has everything...Oh, how I wish I weren't so far away and could meet you for a cuppa! Hopefully one day :o) Such fun to see your shiny new busisness...Happy Days these early days! And your Mr. GG ought to consider his own blog--very clever he is! We're off to the US for 10 days--hooray! We'll have the laptop along so look forward to sharing photos while away! Until soon... ((HUGS))

Redwoodhouse said...

Great blog,
great cafe,
great cakes,
hope to visit soon.

Emma Herian said...

It all looks fantastic, you are getting some great reviews in the blog world! How exciting to set a cafe up, I am sure it will be a massive success! Wish you were nearer so that we could try your famous waffles!

Katherines Dream said...

A very BIG well done. Your little cafe is wonderful. I wish you all the luck in world Anna, this venture will bring you so much more than you expect.
You have thought of everything I see. I am sorry I made it in recently....I am going to be away much of September and spending quite a lot of time at the cottage from then on ! so I will be in for a cuppa soon and very much looking forward to it I am.
Big squishy hugs.
Carol xx

Lesley said...

I hope you enjoy a very well earned rest!
No9 looks fantastic and it sounds like you do a mean coffee too. I love the artwork on display - it adds that extra special touch :)

Good luck!!


Lucy @ attic24 said...

Hi Anna my sweetie
I know i already emailed you, but for the record I wanted to comment here too and say how very utterly impressed I am with your cafe. It looks from your photos to be a very special place indeed :: friendly, warm, cosy, beautiful :: JUST LIKE YOU!!!!

thanks for the offer of a job, if i lived 200 miles closer I would adore to work in such a lovely place, I would work just to be there and would accept payment in coffee and cakes :o)xx

have fun, remember to rest when you can, and very many congrats

Fancy Elastic said...

colouring in and books... genius!


Ange said...

I've just discovered your blog via Lucy @ attic24 - it's been great reading through your posts. I must get on with the shopping otherwise I think I'll be reading all of your blog in one go!
Your cafe looks amazing - my in-laws live not too far from you, so if we make it I'll say hello!

Kirsty said...

It looks lovely! I happened upon your blog for the first time today, and think that your cafe looks just like the kind of place I would love to spend some time with my knitting needles and a good cup of tea...biscuit or scone as well of course! Pity that I am just outside of Toronto, Canada! All the best to you with your venture, it would be a big hit here!