Sunday, 17 August 2008

In my home town

I had better start by way of an introduction, as I am sure that it will soon become apparent, as I do not have her way with words, that I am not Garden Girl. I am for the want of a better description, Mr Garden Girl, you may have spotted my short and irreverent contributions to the comments section as Red.

This is my first foray into blog world, so I thought I would stick to what I know and take you on a tour of our home town as seen on our Sunday Morning constitutional. The first event of our walk was to bump into the girl's folks in Bridge Street. So a well earned breather and cappuccino at Costa’s seemed like the only option, as we had been walking for a good 7 or 8 minutes.

Fully refreshed we set off and headed over the River.

....and then a stroll along the southbank until we reached.......

......The Whale Bone, which is a jaw bone from a Bowhead whale caught in 1820 by the aptly named Andrew Marvel. The stones have been laid to represent the 20m length of the whale.

The next photo opportunity was presented by a group of locals enjoying a civilised game of petanque.

Then we arrive at the scene of my sporting youth, Evesham Rowing Club, where strangely I had a squash membership and for those of you wondering, no, I did not have a rowing membership at the Squash Club.

Having retraced our steps over the river we entered the park and took this picture of the bandstand, please note the people on the bridge….

….to show the difference that just over 12 months makes. The top of the blue bridge is just about visible.

Also in the park is the Bell Tower, which originally formed part of the Abbey built in AD709, and with the exception of some of the boundary walls, the two churches and the Almonary, is pretty much all that survived the Reformation in 1540.

An orginal entrance to the Abbey, which now leads to allotments.

St Lawrences, All Saints and the Bell Tower.

The Almonary, which houses the town's museum.

As we turn towards home, we pass Ye Olde Red Horse, know locally as the Dead Horse, which every year puts on an excellent floral display. For the VE day 50 year celebrations in 2005 the timbers were painted red, white and blue.

The round house was built in the 15th century and is presently houses the local Natwest branch.

What Sunday walk would be complete without a trip to Tesco's? Where we secured the latest Cath Kidston charity shopping bag. The staff thought they had hidden these from view on a closed checkout, how wrong they were.

The girl has just baked a fabulous lemon cake, a recipe supplied by Cowboys and Custard, so it must be time to draw to a close and resume my role as Chief Tasting Officer for Cafe No.9.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Evesham.


bloke said...

The cake tasted even better than it looks.Bloke

Petticoat Lane said...

Lovely husband (aka Mr Garden Girl, Chief taster & buyer of lovely gifts), how lovely to read your wonderful contribution, I've never taken a tour of Evesham..It will be on my list now and hopefully we'll be able to meet up with Mr & Mrs Garden Girl....
Please can I put a request in for your next post..."How to surprise your wife with lovely day trips/nights away in exquisite hotels and beautiful and thoughtful gifts" I'm sure it would be left 'accidently' for many a husband to see!! Give busy a baker a hug from me,,
Jane. x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Well Mr Garden Girl...
It is very brave of you to tread into this predominantly female territory.. does Mrs Garden Girl know of your foray into her blog ??
I should applaud you for your debut visit and a fine one too..
As for the cake.. please tell Mrs Garden Girl that my efforts never look that good.. Rats!

Michele x

Vanessa said...

Have you though of working for the tourist board Mr Garden Girl!

Good little tour, I recognise bits of it from when I visited Evesham a few years ago.

See you soon


periwinkle said...

Pleased to meet you Mr Garden Girl - thank you for the lovely walk - can I have some lovely lemon cake too please ?
lisa x

Lisa said...

Thank you for the lovely tour, you do live in a very scenic part of the country.
The lemon cake looks truly scrumptious. Could I request a large slice please?

April said...

Nice to meet you Mr Garden Girl, lovely photos! How was the cake?? It looks yummy

April xx

Tracy said...

Hello, Mr. Garden Girl! Very glad to meet you, and thank you for this lovely tour of Evesham--your town is beautiful! Mrs. Garden Girls latest kitchen creation looks scrummy...mmm...Happy Day to you both! :o)

Katherines Dream said...

Nice to meet you Mr Garden !
I have not been to Evesham can you believe that! it is so close as well. Loved the tour. Send my love to Mrs Garden Girl and thank her for her kind words on my last post.
Are you open for tea yet?
Carol x

Fancy Elastic said...

My goodness, that cake looks absolutely delicious! Evesham looks like a lovely place too.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hallo Mr Garden Girl
How lovely ~ a wonderful Sunday tour of your home town, so sweet.
MMmmmmm that cake looks absolutely dee-licious, I hope you enjoyed it you lucky Mr you.
lots of love to you and the Mrs.
Alison x

mollycupcakes said...

Lovely to meet you Mr Garden Girl and thanks for taking us on that fabulous tour, coffee first always sounds good to me. Set you up for the day.
That photo of the band stand and bridge under water looked so scary, it was a nasty time wasn't it. Glad to see it all looking so fresh and new now.
Hope to hear from you after you've tested the yummy looking lemon cake.
Say hi to that gorgeous garden girl and say I'll see her very soon.
Many hugs to you both.
Catherine x

driftwood said...

I hope that delicious looking cake was enough to revive you after that exhausting walk, and the scary world of blogging.

Dragonfly said...

Hi Mr Garden Girl!
Lucky you to get to taste that delicious looking cake! Will it be on the menu in the cafe?

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Mr Garden Girl, so very nice to meet you. You write a fine blog post!!! Thanks so much for the tour of your hometown, I loved it. Hope you enjoyed Mrs Custard's lemon cake recipe (I heard all about it yesterday from Mrs custard herself) - it looks like Garden Girl is a wonderful cook

Nicola said...

A very impressive debut Roberto - I didn't realise quite how pretty Evesham was! Speaking of impressive that Lemon cake looks pretty damn good. Please feel free to post any leftovers to Canada. Nic xx

Alchamillamolly said...

Hello Mr GG - I love where you live you are very lucky. Does Mrs GG know you are talking on her blog??

Sal said...

I reckon that you deserve a gold star for that effort! I very much enjoyed it ;-)

Jane W said...

Hi MR Garden Girl, I've only been to Evesham a few times, usually as my son's very economic taxi!! (He has a friend who lives in Evesham.) You have made me want to visit - we live very close but it is one of those places we haven't really properly visited. Weather permitting, perhaps we'll manage it this weekend.

prettyshabby said...

hello Mr! I really like Evesham, we even looked at a few houses for sale there not so long back(we're in Malvern now)thanks for the tour!..I'll never loose weight visiting here y'know with all these scrummy cakes each time.. yum.

Miss sew n sew said...

Nice to meet you Mr Garden girl! I enjoyed your little tour of your home town well done for having a go hope this isn't the last we see of you and you pop back again to blogland! MMMmmm the cake looks yummy lucky you!

JuliaB said...

Lordy Mr GG, how very brave of you to enter into this room full of industriuous women! And a lovely walk it was with you too.

We must be due for a No9 update soon?