Sunday, 7 September 2008


THIS is my most favourite place to be at the moment. Ah yes, Sleep, the thing I seemed to do without for so long, despite craving it so much, is back!

I realise that it is incredibly sad to be tucked up in bed by 9.30pm most nights, but after chatting with Mrs Cowboys and Custard in the week and sharing our views on snoozing, I am no longer ashamed to admit that actually, my first thought on waking most mornings is 'I can't wait to go to bed tonight'.

I love being snuggled up, chamomile oil sprinkled on pillow, lavender pillows (courtesy of Mrs Ragged Roses) plumped up on the fireplace, duvet pulled up to my chin and then...Zzzzzzzzz.

No longer do I lie awake staring at the ceiling for hours on end. Instead I quite literally fall into a deep slumber the minute my head touches the pillow. I drift off to the scent of chamomile and lavender, thoughts of cake recipes, menu changes, best selling jacket potato toppers dancing through my head.(ooh, the romance!)

10 hours of standing up, smiling, making pots of tea, unloading dishwashers, making sandwiches, chatting to customers, grinding coffee beans, stirring soup, wiping tables, re-stocking fridges, ordering stock, hoovering and mopping floors,....etc.etc.etc. makes for a good nights does this....

My Cath Kidston sale bargain from a couple of years ago. Two nights ago we succumbed to its beauty yet again. It lives in the spare bedroom for several months of the year until the weather turns and we feel the need for an extra layer. Two nights ago we were really chilly and decided the time had come! I love the print on this side in particular. It is pink with white spots on the reverse side.

Have you found Petticoat Lanes blog yet? Do go and see her, she is incredibly talented, amusing, thoughtful and has very cute children. As well as a shopping obsession. Petticoats and I have known each other for a very long time now, in fact she used to be my boss! (but a very lovely one indeed) Anyway, she bought her beautiful girls and her Mum to No.9 last week for lunch. It was fabulous to see them, although at the time I recall thinking 'Oh hell, the place is a right bloody tip and we've run out of soup. I hope they don't want soup. And I haven't got any lipstick on' or similar rambling thoughts...Thankfully they didn't seem to mind, and settled themselves in, for hopefully not TOO long a wait, for lunch. And look what she bought me!!

Isn't it lovely? Please note the spottiness of the box the letters are sat on- it matches perfectly our spotty tablecloths. Good eh? A truly thoughtful present. Thanks Petticoats. x

Speaking of thoughtful presents (not that I have ever received one that wasn't...) this arrived this week as well. And oh, it really is SO fabulous after a day spent in a pair of Birkenstocks. The List Writer, you are, as ever, a star! thankyou. My feet smell delicious!x

I have been so lucky to have met several bloggers now, all who have been to visit. In fact whenever the door opens now and I see an unfamiliar face I start to wonder..thankfully two Saturdays ago I knew to expect Mollycupcakes, who very cannily has a mother in law living down the road from No.9 in Cheltenham. I knew she was coming, but that didn't detract from how great it was to see her. I recognised Catherine immediately as she walked in clutching a very lovely red spotty handbag in one hand, and a pretty pink paper bag in the other. Which contained this, for the cafe!

Although it was a No.9 cafe warming gift I think I may sneak it home and keep it in the kitchen. Otherwise it may be used by business partner extraordinaire to whisk tuna or something. He wouldn't appreciate it's pink spotty perfection and would think nothing of lobbing it in the dishwasher, unfortunately.

Before I jump into my P.J's for the night I would like to say thankyou to you all for your very thoughtful comments and emails about the cafe. It's very encouraging to have such supportive fellow bloggers! And extra special thanks to Michele, Dragonfly, Petticoat Lane, Julia and Mollycupcakes for visiting. One day when I am feeling brave I think we should hold a bloggers cafe day!

Maybe next year..when I've caught up on my sleep!


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi, Im so pleased your happy in your new adventure, the pics of the cafe look fab. Thankyou for your comments, I'm back to normal after moving and blogging has commenced. I have been keeping up to date with your comings and goings and wish I lived nearer to taste those yummy looking cakes in a previous post. Your Cath Kidston cover looks very inviting and like you have pulled our blanket over the bed the last few nights. Autumn is definatly knocking at the door! Heres to lots of customers popping in for a warm hot chocolate with you.....Claire x

Petticoat Lane said...

You're too kind with your lovely comments...working with you was the BEST!!! I loved every minute of it...well almost, as long as I didn't have to contact that awful man in Stow-on-the-wold!! What was his name again...Bob something or other!!!LOL
Glad you liked the pressie! By the way, why did you call it NINE? joking!! Took bloody ages to find box to match tablecloths but it had to be done with my shopping obsession! couldn't sleep until I did...would have been able to though if I'd have had that BEAUTIFUL eiderdown..jealous isn't the word!!
Pleasure to come to the cafe, we all loved it... food LOVELY and you looked as beautiful as ever Anna, however next time I shall remember to check for lippy! xxx

Lesley said...

You are bound to have sweet dreams snuggled under that beautiful quilt :)

Your goodies are all lovely, especially those spotty pink utensils....I'd definately take them home if I were you!!

Sleep tight xx

driftwood said...

sleep tight, sweet dreams Anna.

love the CK bedding, I've had to ban myself from going into the new shop here, it's just too tempting......

haven't heard of using chamomile oil, might have to sneak some on Miss K's pillow who is an awful sleeper.

julia said...

You'd have to drag me out from under that eiderdown!
Brace yourself for another visit this week, Tueasday morning I'm bringing two friends, without our children, for breakfast - get that waffle maker warmed up!
Julia xx

julia said...

sorry, have no idea which day tueasday is, really must check my spelling before hitting enter!
Julia xx

JuliaB said...

Glad you're getting your sleep again. I know what you mean about being on your feet, and I only do FOUR hours a day which is tiring enough in a cafe! Well done. I am still green with envy and one of these days will get to no9 in person. In the meantime, I am loving your updates! xx

Cathy said...

Your bedroom looks like the perfect retreat after a hard day at the coffee machine. See you at No 9 very soon, I promise!
Cathy XX

mollycupcakes said...

It was the so fab to see you and I'm over the moon that you like the little gifts.
Yes I thought you'd like my bag, it's my favourite thing at the moment lol
Wow a blogger cafe day sounds like a great idea, I'd have to come up over for that sweetie.
Thanks for interducing me to Petticoat Lane, I love her blog too.
Take care honey-pie and get lots of zzzzz
I'm off to get mine, big day tomorrow Molly's first day at pre-school boo hoo.
Lots of love,
Catherine x

periwinkle said...

your bed does look very cosy, there is nothing better than snuggling down under the duvet after a hard day . Sweet Dreams...
Lisa x

Kitty said...

Hello Anna. I'm really pleased to read it's all going well - we all knew it would ;-) I hope I might be over Cheltenham way at some point, and if so, I shall definitely call in.

Oh and bed ... one of my most favourite places to be!

Take care :-) x

dottycookie said...

Hope you're fast asleep by now! I rarely get to be by 9.30 these days,but it's a huge treat when I do.

Glad to hear it's all going so well.

jen said...

Congratulations on the opening of your cafe! I cook for a living and know how tiring it is just to be standing on your feet all day (I recommend wearing some really good sneakers)let alone tending to the customer service side of things and the ordering...It's an exhausting enterprise!

I wish you the best of luck!

Katherines Dream said...

Your bed looks so very inviting Anna,the quilt is gorgeous. I love my bed too, I find it very hard to get out of it in the morning! What about your allotment? I have not been very good with mine lately...just no spare time.
Sweet dreams....
Carol x

Dragonfly said...

Good Morning! I hope you slept well - who couldn't, snuggled under that divine quilt?

Lucky you to have so many blog friends in to meet, and when you go for your blog open day, I'll be there!

T x

funkymonkey said...

Your bed looks cosy and warm. Especially inviting I would imagine in this horrible weather we're having. The favourite thing about my bed is its feather bed. It's just like sleeping in a giant marshmallow! Glad to hear Nine is doing well.

April said...

Nothing like satisfaction in your day and your work to make you sleep well. My bed is possibly my favourite place in the world and I am not very good at getting out of it!

Glad to hear No 9 is doing so well.

April xx

Ragged Roses said...

Anna, i'm amazed you can keep awake until 9.30pm! You must be dead on your feet at the moment. What a lovely bedroom you have, I love the quilt. Glad the lavender pillows are working! I must start dreaming of jacket potato toppings, maybe that will help me get a good night's sleep -what do you recommend, baked beans or grated cheese?

Lesley said...

OH i really wish i lived close enough to visit it looks like such a lovely place :-) Jane has very good taste i can tell that already and she inspired my placemats purchase :-) she seems very lovely :-) ive had some of molly cupcakes stuff in red spots its very nice indeed :-) your bed looks so inviting and your not the only one tucked up at that time! hot choc for me as well please...
Lesley x

Cowboys and Custard said...

Anna.. what do you think you are up to ...sleeping!!!?
Whatever next...!? Back to the kitchen girl for more tea pouring and smiling and cake slicing...
Actually .. you know I share your love of being horizontal and pushing out the ZZZ's...especially now it is snuggly season.. not to mention the furry friends! Seen any good ones lately??
I think your blogger's cafe meet is a jolly good idea.. shall I book the coach now ?
Sweet Dreams ..
With love
Michele xx

Lucy @ Attic24 said...

Oh Anna, I love love love your ck eiderdown, I have matching pillowcases on my bed (with plain white cotton duvet and sheet) and so love laying my head to rest on them every night (frequently at 9.30pm as well hun, you are not alone there). Your bedroom looks beautiful

julia said...

Those bacon sarnies were to die for! Liz and Jane loved the cafe, please apologise to Gavin for the conversations he overheard and probably wished he hadn't!
Julia xx

wendster said...

My oh my! I have been gone for too long. However, it gives me the opportunity to see how much change has taken place in your life in such a short time! I remembered you buying the cafe, but just look at how FABULOUS it is, and the repeat customers on your very first day, and the lovely posts by your Mr. GG and just the brightness and happiness in your life now. You just seem so genuinely happy and at peace with your new life. (Not that you seemed so unhappy before. I thought you bore your trials well and kept a good outlook) ... but things are really looking great over there in No. 9 and you really seem to be in your element. It seems like being a cafe owner has been your calling and you have just been matched up with it.

So nice.

It is especially brightening to see because a while back things seemed kind of dark and sad over here and I was wishing and praying for you that they might turn around ... and am so happy to see that they have.

Things are looking dark and overwhelming for me right now too. And seeing your posts makes me think that there are bright things around the corner for me too, hopefully.

The man who sold us his home three years ago (and took all of our money for it too) didn't honor the contract and has now sold OUR house to someone else. Each moment I look out the window I am afraid that some police officer will show up and tell me to get out. How can people do this? I hope he can't get away with it.

Anyways ... so thanks for posting about your happiness. .. but especially thank you for posting about your hard times before the happy times came. It really helps me have hope.

Good luck in all you do!

If I lived near by I would most certainly stop in.

btw: My favorite parts of the cafe are your brilliant touches: Having books and coloring pencils for the kids, having art for sale on the wall so the decor stays fresh and updated at all times ... also the simplicity and therefor elegance/clean lines of the cafe and it's signs.

Really really nice.

Good job. Ü

Miles Away In France said...

I love Cath Kidston and I love sleeping.

Racheal x

twiggypeasticks said...

Hello there
My first visit. Lovely blog, I think your cafe looks fantastic and I love all the little finishing touches, especially the things to do for littlies :) I also love the way you have things dotted around from blogger friends that's really nice. Your bed looks so comfy. It's getting to the time of year when I could happily hibernate:)
I'll call back soon.
Twiggy x

Lynn said...

Hi, Anna! I discovered your beautiful blog via Attic24 and Jumble and Jelly, and I'm wondering...Can I just come and live in your gorgeous café? I'll be back! (I love putting a drop or two of lavender oil on my pillow of an like a charm.)

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Keep up with the good work!
I love the CK bedding!
The Cafe looks so pretty decorated in those pastel colors!
Debbie Moss

Miss sew n sew said...

Your eiderdown is gorgeous youve worked really hard of late no wonder your shattered I hope youve had many peaceful nights sleep with your cosy eiderdown! I love your letters from Petticoat Lane and the baking set from Mollycupcakes!

Vintage Amethyst said...

I absolutely love love love that CK quilt, lovely & snuggly.
Oh my goodness I know what you mean, these last few weeks have been total mayhem order-wise for me and I have been shattered and climbing in to bed at the end of the day has been bliss ~ luckily we are off to Devon for a week next week *yay* so lot of relaxation which is due believe me!
So glad to hear that the cafe is keeping you busy busy, isn't it fab to know you are doing this all for yourself too and not working for someone else, although working for yourself does tend to take over doesn't it, minds are always working overtime with things to do and things to remember and of course new ideas!

So sorry too that is has taken me an age to send a message but this busy thing does tend to take away from blogging so much doesn't it!?!
Have a lovely weekend sweet pea.

Things Hand Made said...

Just found my way to your blog via Cowboys and custard and read through your post but now really need to know where No 9 is? I have scanned pictures for clues as I would love to visit, if you have not retired to that lovely bed!