Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Muffin much going on here except a bit of baking

Sticky toffee muffins, to be precise..

They haven't been road tested yet. Or even cafe tested, but that is where they shall go tomorrow. I finally managed to find some muffin cases that fit the holes of my muffin tins. They are pretty silver ones purchased from a very cool cake decorating shop in Oxfords undercover market-do you know it? You must go! A VERY inspiring place (the market, not just the cake shop) The List Writer and I have spent a couple of very happy hours ambling around there.

Talking of inspiring, I need some ideas please! I am holding my first birthday party at the cafe in November for my friends little girl. We are having a Cake Decorating Party. Oh yes, pink and glitter and hearts galore, no doubt. But if anyone has any suggestions (not too expensive please) as to ways to cater for small fluffy girls then I would be grateful. Ta muchly.

This Friday we are holding our first event, a Macmillan Coffee Morning. 9am until 11am if you're passing?! We have been bullying our regulars into coming along, and have seen several people jotting down the information as they have gone past, having not been able to miss the ENORMOUS poster I have put in the window. So if you fancy a coffee and a piece of flapjack we will be there.

The toblerone cookies sold out in two days. I didn't get to try one, but had lots of vigorous head nodding when I did that annoying thing of asking customers if everything was OK the minute they took a bite. Hate it when people in cafes and restaurants do that.

Thankyou for the handcream suggestions! I may pass on the udder cream for now though (?!), as my lovely Dad bought me some cocoa bean hand cream from the Body Shop which is doing a fabulous job.

Had better go and do the washing up now.


Vintage Tea said...

Sticky toffee... yummmmmmmm!!!

Victoria x

Pretty Practicals said...

Hi, my mother used to swear by cool mashed potato as a way of softening the skin on my elbows. I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work on hands too. You'd need to sit with your hands in a bowl of mash for about 20 minutes, then wash them gently and pat dry (not rub). You could have a bowl of mash on the go at work too, just remember to label the bowl so no-one ends up with mash a la hands!
Chat soon, Liz

jen said...

Here's my idea: in addition to the cake-decorating, buy some candy that can be strung onto licorice whips to make necklaces. I did that with my daughter when she was little and she loved it. Edible homemade jewelry!

In any case, plan more than you think you have time for because little kids tend to FLY through activities and you don't want to be caught with idle kids!

Tracy said...

Toffee muffins...Toblerone cookies...mmm...It's dangerous to come here--all the sweets! ;o) Such fun with all the activities at the shop! Butterfly cupcakes are always a treat with little girls...Jens' idea of edible jewerly is super. A fun hands on could be cookie decorating? Plain, soft sugar cookies and let them got at it with icing and sprinklies? Olive oil is good for hand. Sound icky, but it does work. Just rub a little on and let it sink in, sit and watch a film snug at home...if you have time that is! Happy Days ((HUGS))

JuliaB said...

I love the cake shop in oxford - i watch through the window and them decorating for hours. They must feel like goldfish at times!! You could have cookie decorating for the little girls... in our shop we sell spray on colour for icing and tubes of coloured icing ...

dottycookie said...

Awww, yum.

How old are the little girls? Cake decorating is a very good plan, but as others have said, it probably won't keep very small ones (under about 8) occupied for long. I'm in the middle of planning a 4 year old one and have recently had a 6 year old one so if it helps I can email you some of the things we did rather than dumping them all here!

driftwood said...

sticky toffee yummy! good luck with the mcmillan fundraiser, I'm supposed to be baking for one at a friends tomorrow, wish I could come to your's instead...
love the edible jewellry idea, if you wanted less sweets you can always string cheerios... and for afterwards I advise a very strong cup of tea!

The List Writer said...

You are Queen of the puns, Ms Garden Girl! The next time you change career you can become a headline writer for The Sun ;o)

Am about to embark upon my own cooking party for 6 year olds. Am going to attempt jam tarts as well as the biscuit and cupcake decorating. Edible necklaces a top idea.

Am impressed at Driftwood's after-party restraint - make mine a G&T!

Kitty said...

Oooh, I bet those muffins were mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

When the kids were smaller, I used to hire cake tins from that shop in the indoor market in Oxford. They do 'number' tins and the price was very reasonable. It's a lovely shop, isn't it?

The cake decorating sounds fab. If I were you, I'd try to get some youngster's party music going on in the background too - it always amazes me what a difference music can make at these things.


April said...

Sticky toffee muffins - I need that recipe Anna!!!

Small fluffy girls, well as the proud owner of a small, fluffy girl myself (ha ha!! - not quite so small any more!) I can safely say that they use like mini things in terms of food - mini sandwiches, fairy cakes, good old fashioned cheese on sticks. They usually like to feel quite "grown up" too.

How about making fruit kebabs they can then dip in chocolate and eat - almost healthy too!!

April xx

Dragonfly said...

Have you looked at Splat for cake-decorating stuff? It's amazing, everything you could ever imagine to put on a cake...

Anonymous said...

Every since i read about the toblerone cookies, i can't get them off my mind. wow, and now the muffins! if i'm ever in your neck of the woods (and across the pond), i MUST stop by your cafe!!!


Cathy said...

I love that cake decorating shop in Oxford - it's a must for me every time I go! Hope the party goes well. Sorry I can't make the coffee morning tomorrow (am working) but hope it goes well. Next week is looking clearer so I may actually get to visit you. Please save me a toffee muffin - they look delish!
Cathy XX

Petticoat Lane said...

Loving the muffins sweetie. It must be said that I make a rather mean muffin myself!!
I was going to suggest the necklaces and bracelets made out of Liquorice Allsorts. They look great and are great for them to take home.
The other thing I've done on cakes is to ice them in white and get them to put their initials on them in Mini Smarties.
I have then bought the coloured candles that spell 'Happy Birthday' and put in each individual cupcake. On a large white plate they look great and act as the main cake. The kids then get too eat or take their initialed cake home...Just an ides.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Miss Muffin..
Now those should sell like hot cakes!!!!
Can't advise you I am afraid on the little girls party.. my boy was in to Pokemon and cowboys and indians.. nothing pink and frothy in our house other than a bubble bath!
Wishing you hhhhhhhuuuuuuugggggeeeee success with your MacMillan morning..
You can't fail with those muffins!
M xxx

carolyn said...

Wellthey look good and sound delicious, hope they pass the road test. Good luck with the event.

Ragged Roses said...

Now lovely lady you really must stop this! First toblerone cookies and now sticky toffee muffins, my poor poor teeth, stop please!!!!!!
Stringing popcorn/sweets etc on to thread for edible necklaces, bracelets. Decorating cookies. Dipping strawberries into melted chocolate. Oh dear it;s all rather edible isn't it? Printing out pictures of fairies etc to colour in.
As for hand cream I love "L'occitane" Lavender handcream, it's delicious

julia said...

Is it the under cover market with the traditional butchers with pigs' heads in the window? If it is it's a fab place to visit, although we normally have two reluctant shoppers with us so it tends to be a whizz through at speed!
Hope the coffee morning went well, I held one here and it went really well (won't be setting up in competition though, it was bloody hard work!!)
Hope to see you soon, crank up the waffle maker!
Julia xx

Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

Hope the coffee morning went well yesterday.
As to the party, could you do a craft activity with each one having a wooden spoon to decorate, to find of fit in with the baking theme. Digestive biscuits are very good for decorating too.
Lisa x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

muffins look lovely :-) as so the cookies in the prev post! I have my daughters birthday party here on thursday so will be taking notes from here! wish we were closer or you would be doing one for us as well :-)

summerfete said...

mmm do you deliver??

Clare x

Dinah Soar said...

Using a circular flower shaped cookie cutter, from bread, cut out two flowers. Use a small bottle cap to cut a round hole out of one piece. Spread the other with peanut butter, then red jelly. Make a sandwich with them. The red jelly will show through the cut out.

Divide some Cool Whip into 3 bowls. Add mini M&M's in one, crushed oreos in one, and diced maraschino cherries in one. Serve with inexpensive purchased flower shaped butter cookies for dipping.

Serve "grasshopper" tea mixed with apple juice.

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Honey-pie,
I hope your coffee morning went well and you raised lots of pennies for the cancer support.
Ours was lovely and full of cupcakes galore lol
My pink vanilla ones went in the first 10 mins of being there, so i think they liked them hehe!
I'm sure your get to try one of your own muffins very soon sweetie.
As for the girlie party, i think maybe heart shaped sandwiches always go down well and pink lemonade, with umberllas, straws and cherries to decorate.
Great fun pretending it's a cocktail.
Hope it helped hun,
speak soon,
catherine x

funkymonkey said...

Please,please,please publish the recipe for sticky toffee muffins. I have a 12 year old boy who would be really impressed if we could bake those at home. By the way if your hands are very dry try L'Occitane shea butter handcream - use in a thick layer at night under your gloves -wonderful.