Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sorry Mum, but it is my birthday!!

Going by the chubby cheeks (which have only got chubbier, despite 'clever' hairstyling) I would punt a guess at me being about 6 months old in this photo (I'm the one front left) I haven't asked my Mum my exact age because I know she'll disown me as soon as she sees that I have put this photo on here. Sorry Mum, it had to be done, but you look brilliant, I particularly love the red dress. (and no I'm not being sarcastic)

Anyway, the point is that the above photo was taken a LONNNNNGGGG time ago, 29.5 years ago if my guess is right. And 30 years ago today my poor Mum had to give birth to me, a rather large baby (some things don't change). She went into hospital after lunch and was home in time for tea.

My Mum and Dad have 2 Gemini children, a fact that we are reminded of every once in a while, as apparently at times we two may as well have been four. (My brother and I were obviously angels and they are making the whole thing up) Although now that I look at the photo more closely, what is my brother doing to my arm? Hmm...I appear to be leaning, as if trying to get away from him...

Yes, that's right. I have only just become used to telling people I was 29, and now all of a sudden the BIG THREE OH has crept up and bitten me on the really quite large bottom. (great card Jane, thankyou)

The lovely husband, who really is quite marvelous at buying presents, surprised me with a Cath bag that has been coveted for quite some time now. I haven't stopped stroking it since I opened it.
I treated myself to some grown up ladies shoes...(a bit smarter than the flip flops that I have been living in of late)

And I became the really quite excited and proud new owner of a 'Persephone book' which Kim was blogging about a few days ago, I seem to recall. I have been through the catalogue which was thoughtfully sent along as well and started earmarking others which take my fancy. The stories I have skimmed through so far in the brochure really are fascinating. The one I have is 'The Shuttle' by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The lovely Nancy who sent me the book also made me the most BEAUTIFUL reversible apron. I love it so much. I did have some photos taken of me modelling it, but to be honest the ones taken of it lying on the carpet are slightly more flattering! The pattern and colours are right up my street, and the green matches our living room walls..as I type it is hanging on an armchair in the corner and I keep glancing over at it and smiling.

The reverse photo doesn't do the delicate green sprigged fabric justice, but it really is so beautiful. I may have to take up baking full time just so I can wear it more often. I particularly love that you can tie it in a bow behind your neck as well as behind your waist. So pretty. Thankyou so much, clever girl.

My new Bridgewater teapot, also coveted from afar for a while. It has been christened, and we are rapisly running out of teabags. There is something rather satisfying about pouring tea from a teapot. The lovely husband was also responsible for this purchase, along with other goodies.

We both went to Montys brasserie in Cheltenham for lunch, and afterwards round to see Mum and Dad for tea and birthday cake. Didn't my Mum do a cracking job of the birthday cake? It was delicious, thankyou Mum. I was also given a beautiful pink sequinned patchwork bag full of presents from them. Candles, socks, books...I'm a very lucky girl.

One of my friends who I know reads my blogs regularly has done a fabulous job of late in keeping my spirits up and making me laugh. She knows Ive been down about the baby and being made redundant and sent me an email this morning with my 'next' ten year plan...here are some of her suggestions, slightly edited!!

10 year plan

* Update blog on daily basis so I can look forward to reading it each morning.(I'll try!)

* Tell Lovely husband how lucky you are to have each other on a daily basis.(Obviously)

* Look forward to receiving turqoise boxes with white ribbons on a yearly basis.(Will speak to bank manager first)

* Become a domestic Goddess(does toast and marmite count?)

* Grow lots and lots of lovely fruit and veg with marvellous bloke by your side.(getting there)

* Become scrummy mummy, but DO NOT become part of horrible playground mafia.(will do my best)

* Write best selling novel and buy cottage in Cornwall.(this is my favourite)

* Acquire a 'Featherdown' tent to pack into car for each camping trip.(may have to change the car)

* Buy VW Camper to pack 'Featherdown' tent into that way you can have another 'section' to your 'featherdown' home!(may need VW camper to keep Featherdown tent in, good excuse)

* Obviously VW camper and Featherdown tent will have to be painted in 'Cath Kidston' print to stand out in the crowd and make GREAT blog photo. (Obviously my friend knows me TOO well)

So there you have it, all great suggestions, I'm sure you'll agree. See you back here in 10 years time, we'll see how I've done.


Dragonfly said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Three Oh...it makes me feel quite old (whispers, I'm 41 tomorrow, aaargh!)
I'm quite envious of your pressies and it sounds like you've had a lovely day. Your list sounds good too, I'm hoping for a VW camper...one day...

Katherines Dream said...

Happy Birthday Anna.
What lovely presents...I love all of them! How good is your man getting you that bag! mine would not think of doing that.
That is such a great family photo...I can see it is you! you look like your Mum.
Have a super week.
Carol xx

Nicola said...

Happy Birthday old girl! Hope you had a fab day xxxx
P.S Nevermind your mum being mortified about the photo - Dave was last heard shouting, '...what the fudge has she put that up for?' or at least words to that effect.

driftwood said...

happy Birthday Anna,
what lovely presents, that teapot is fab, and so are the shoes - very glamourous, perfect for camping!!! and I love the list!

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Happy Birthday Anna. I am so glad you had such a good day. What wonderful pressies for a lovely person. I'm loving them all. Good luck with that 10 year plan, it sounds like a good one, I think if you're getting that camper van you need to buy some more quilts to fill it with and put the featherdown tent in a trailer!!!

Sal said...

Happy Birthday! I would love to be 30 again ;-)
Great presents too! Have fun!

Vintage Amethyst said...

*Happy Flappy Birthday*
I absolutely love that Cath Kidston bag, I am loving the colour and as for those shoes, mmmmmmm scrummy, I nearly bought a pair like this not so long ago (mmmm why didn't I thinking back!!!) I love them!
We have such the same tastes I think it is probably best we don't live closer as I think we would probably be wearing the same outfits all the time!
Anyhoot, hope you had a yummy birthday well of course you did that cake and bubbly on the night ~ a delicious birthday was had I'm sure!
Love Alison x

mollycupcakes said...

30 is the best age to be hun I didn't feel like a real grown up until I hit 30 lol
Loving all your gorgeous presents, you deserve each and everyone of them sweetie.
The 10 year plans great. Something to work on. And look forward to.
Have a fabulous day.
Please can you email me your address again my address books gone walk about and I have a little something for you.

Birthday wishes and big hugs.

Catherine x

April said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!!

I love the teapot

April xx

Pinkie Cupcake said...

Happy Birthday Anna!

Oh I love the 10 year plan, especially about being a Scrummy Mummy and not the Playground Mafia. I definitely agree!

I wore my Cath Kidston poncho all day today as we were on a farm and it was raining (actually it didn't rain that much but I kept it on anyway). LOVE the bag, and the apron is gorgeous.

Hope you are having a fun and memorable 30th!

Love S x

Cathy said...

Happy 30th!! Hope you had a lovely time - your presents look fab. I love being in my 30s, much more than my 20s. Hope it is a very happy decade for you.
Cathy X

dottycookie said...

Happy Birthday Anna! Thirty is a fab age (says she, very close to saying goodbye to the thirties). All your presents look absolutely wonderful and gorgeous, but we need to talk shoes - where did you get them, they are simply DIVINE!

I love the photo, and indeed, from the pictures you've put up before, you do look like your mum!

Janette said...

happy 30th anna, I loved my 30's so much more than my 20's and being still young enough to feel that adult life has only just begun. And I really love your 10 year plan. I hit 41 this year and did a similar plan to your's. Perhaps it really is time that I start to grow up and decide what I want to do when I grow up..... but then again, maybe not!!! Enjoy your 30's, live for the moment, and don't grow up too quick.


Gina said...

Happy Birthday! 30 years young :)
I turn 38 tomorrow.. I love all your new goodies, can't decide which I like the best! Glad you had such a special day.. and what a gorgeous bub you were! :)

Cowboys & Custard said...

Oh Happy Birthday to YOU Birthday girl...
The big 3 oh! Well you certainly had some wonderful presents and well deserved.. not that you should earn birthday gifts.. Oh dear... you know what I mean.. I hope!!?
Very dainty ankles too...Love those shoes..
In all sincerity... I do hope you were thoroughly spoilt on your momentous day.

With love

Vanessa said...

Happy 30th Birthday for Tuesday! I hope you had a brilliant day and you had lots of treats!

Vanessa x

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday! Belated wishes...I didn't know it was your birthday or when, else I'd have sent you something! :o) LOVELY gifts for your 30th! The bag, shoes and teapot are tops. And such fun to see the family photo :o) So glad you day was marvelous. That 10 year has great potential...I'm sure you'll make it :o) Happy weekend, my friend ((BIG HUGS))

Nicola said...

You need to update your 'About Me' - unlike me, you are no longer in your twenties. Ha!! x

wendster said...

Wow! What a great birthday haul! Sounds like you had a wonderful fabulous cracking good birthday. (Is that how you use the word cracking?)

Love the tea pot!


p.s. Happy Birthday!!!

Red said...

30 is a great age and your chap sounds like a genius...hehe