Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Yet more presents...!

I am a very lucky girl in many ways, and the last couple of weeks have proved that there are lots of very lovely people out there, and I am priveliged to know a lot of them and call them friends.
In my last post I mentioned a friend who had emailed me suggestions for my 'ten year plan' which many of you commented on. (hands off, it's mine!) I used to work for J a few years ago, we started in the same office more or less at the same time and had to get to know the area together to enable us to try and be successful. (no comment!) so we used to tootle off in J's company car around the Cotswolds, 'getting to know the area' getting lost, meeting odd locals and having a giggle. Our secretary, W, said we scared the locals, which was nice. Apparently they weren't used to 'glamorous women in suits' and that we were 'intimidating the way we strutted around the town'. One word I would not use to describe myself is glamorous, especially when I was probably wearing a suit at the time from Marks and Spencers (hardly Gucci). W used to have myself and J in hysterics with her stories and observations. If ever there was a crisis or tragedy W would be involved in some way.

Anyway, as well as starting together we also left together. Various reasons were had by us both, but we have stayed in touch since, although more so recently. After my post about the lovely Featherdown Farm and my rave reviews to J that she must go there I received this in the post from her...

J knew how much I had loved the red enamel ware at the farm and went out and bought this (and she HATES shopping! heehee) I am so very touched, it will be travelling to the allotment, to campsites throughout the summer and actually to my coffee table as well. Thankyou so much, J. And I loved the Cath Kidston wrapping paper as well..x

Remember my lovely birthday teapot?

What does every teapot worth its tea leaves need?

Lovely T from Driftwood sent this, to keep my teapot warm. It is BEAUTIFUL. The fabric is just what I would have chosen, and it has been much admired by visitors. T, you should be selling these in the shops!

Kim of Raggedroses fame is aware of my quilt envy from her trips to car boots sales, charity shops etc. and took pity on me! She sent me this exquisite cushion which arrived just before we went to Featherdown. I am, as always, in awe of the skills that you people out there have! I wish I could sew, although I expect I would end up spending a fortune on fabric.

I have had so many wonderful comments and emails letters and cards from lovely people offering their support over the last few weeks and I appreciate it so very much.

I would be lying if I said I was feeling 100% and I think it will take a while yet before I start to feel 'normal' and not feel a gut wrenching pain whenever I see a pregnant lady or a newborn baby, but I guess that's normal. I'm trying though, and that's all that matters.

As some of you know I have just been made redundant (it never rains...) and am no longer an Estate Agent (hurray! no longer will people spit at me in the street-joke) I did actually really enjoy my job but over the last few months it has been really hard work, and maybe it's not meant to be. I am hoping the second half of this year will be better than the first, and that I will find a fabulous new career that will have me jumping out of bed in the mornings with a smile on my face (miracles can happen!) In the meantime I am starting as an office temp tomorrow, which should be interesting. Any words of wisdom for office temps? I have visions of either being ignored or given loads of rubbish work to do! Hopefully I'm proven wrong though.


me said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!!
What lovely presents you received!!
You can come and work in the ceramic cafe if you like! Bit of a commute I know!
We are going to a Featherdown Farm the weekend after next as a surprise for M's B'day.....sh sshhh but don't tell!

Dragonfly said...

Lucky you to have that coffee pot!
I've never been an office temp, but I've found that smiling alot and just getting on with it gets you by (and it irritates the hell out of the moaners...)

alice c said...

Good luck temping - it is a great way to try different sorts of work. Sometimes it leads to a full time position if they really like you so keep smiling. And if you are offered a full time position at least you know if you like the company!

JuliaB said...

Hello. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is great too though very sad lately. I have been where you are now and can only say that it does get better, though I did have a tear in my eye when reading your experience - that will never go away but it will get better. I've also been a temp. Be BRAVE!! some jobs are good some are horrific. Luck of the draw but the good thing is that you don't have to stay! I also gave up a job that I loved in search of something better (though realise you didn't exactly give yours up!).. something better will come along, these times are great for re-evaluation - a wonderful breathing space. Hope you enjoy it! Now that I've foundyou i will add you to my bloglines!

April said...

Nice to hear you're getting on OK. I know it takes a long time to deal with but you're doing all the right things.

I was a temp when I first left uni and some offices were horrible, no-one spoke to me etc. One place was so bad that when one girl asked for the morning off to go to the dentist they replaced her without telling her so even though she struggled back in after a filling she had to go straight back home again!

However some places were brilliant, espcecially Nat West who eventually took me on permanently.

I am now temping again, but it's all within the hopsital so it is a bit different. Work is very sporadic but very interesting.

Don't take it to heart if people are off with you, just do your best and forget about it when you get home - you know you have lots of friends

April xx

The List Writer said...

I think you should take your bee-yewtiful red enamel coffee pot to work to keep you smiling and make friends (who wouldn't like a cup of coffee from that pot!).

Hope it has gone well today,
N. xxx

driftwood said...

good luck with the temping Anna, hope it goes well for you!
love that coffee pot!

Cathy said...

Good luck with the new job - temping can be pretty good fun, and if you are good they will love you as some temps can be rubbish (which I am sure you are not!). Enjoy it - you never know what it might lead to.
Cathy X

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Honey,
Good luck with the temp work I'm sure you're fit in and enjoy it no matter what your thinking it will be like now.
Loving all your gorgeous presents, you lucky thing, well deserved sweetie.
Take each day as it comes, smile when needed and cry when needed. Your doing great, hun.
Catherine x

Cowboys & Custard said...

Dear Anna...
I am certain that you will slip into your new job with ease and that your charm and sunny nature will prove your success..
I can't offer better than that as my chequered career has only seen me in one office job and I was on my own most of the time..
I wish you well in your new job and with lots of laughs along the way..

Cowboys & Custard said...

P.s Of course we are mates!
When I said I love maps.. I meant pawing over them whilst drinking tea and eating biccies.. none of that chunky socks and muddy boots stuff..


dottycookie said...

Hope the temping is going well - I'm sure you'll do brilliantly!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh how lovely, how fab is that red coffee pot set ~ I want one too, although I don't actually drink coffee but that is beside the point isn't it!
Good luck with the temping sweet pea, hope it all goes well for you and that you find your dream job very soon.
Love Alison x

Ragged Roses said...

OOOh I love that red enamel coffee pot (and I don't even really drink coffee!), love it love it love it!!! Good luck with the temping Anna, I did a lot of temping years ago and when it got bad I just reminded myself that it wasn't going to be foreever, and as dragonfly said, smiling a lot helped! Take care and thanks for the "thank you!"
I'm searching your blog for rhubarb cake recipe, I'm sure it was here somewhere!