Saturday, 10 November 2007

Love to loathe..

There are lots of things in life I feel I should like but don't. Probably the easiest (and possibly least controversial) list is certain foods. As a child I was an incredibly fussy eater and I have vivid memories of being invited to peoples houses as a family for dinner, and whilst they tucked into roast beef, I would sit there with a marmite sandwich (mmm) and a pile of carrot sticks (mmm). Whilst both of these food items are still high on my list of firm favourites, I am pleased to say that my tastes have become slightly more sophisticated as I have matured.(Note that I didn't say 'grown up' in there..) So here is my list of things I wish I liked or at least think I should like. But don't.

1) Tuna. Yes, I hate it. The smell makes me think of cat food. When I was a nanny one little girl I looked after was particularly keen on tuna lasagne. She hated me, so in an attempt to make amends I decided to spend an afternoon making her favourite tea. Picture the scene, me clad in an apron, rubber gloves and with a clothes peg on my nose. I stood over the sink with a can opener and drained the brine off. Yuck. The lasagna was a success. What I hadn't thought about was the fact that she then wanted it every week for the rest of the year I looked after her. Damn.

2) Olives. I really wish I could like them, and I have tried! I think they look so pretty, piled up in bowls at the deli, and they are obviously the trendy bar snack of choice these days. I just can't figure out why though! They are just....bleurgh....Every time one is offered to me I politely take one, roll it around in my mouth (I can cope with that part) it's the biting into it that I can't do. I am shuddering as I write this.

3) Mashed potato...please read Nancys thoughts on the subject, they are mirrored with my

4) Lager. I would love to get home from work on a hot sunny day and grab a little stubby bottle of beer from the fridge and go and sit in the garden and enjoy it. Nope, it aint happening. I hate the taste sooo much. I have tried it with lime, lemonade, etc.etc. but still can't do it. I am not a cheap date as a result, as am instead strictly a gin and tonic/ large glass of white wine kind of girl. Lager would be great for our camping trips too, as I am sure that everyone must snigger at me sat there with a bottle of sauvignon blanc, chilling in my ice box. Do I look bothered?!

5) Roast Beef. Please stop with the sharp intakes of breath. I just don't like it, ok? It reminds me of sitting at the dining table as a small child on a Sunday, chewing the same piece over and over again, willing someone in authority to tell me I could leave the table. I dislike the texture, the colour, and the taste. Is it wrong to say that I love a good ribeye steak though? Oooh, and yorkshire puddings, yum..

Please note that this list is in progress, and as I obviously have no desire to photograph platefuls of mashed potatoes, olives and tuna (shudder) I am instead going to leave you with this...

A delightfully content and snoozy Montgomery. Please come home soon, we miss you xxxx


The List Writer said...

Good Lord - did you really post this at 5:56 am?? Or is your computer clock just a bit dodgy?

. LOVE tuna
. HATE roast beef (but also hate steak)
. LOVE olives
. Not wild about lager but can tolerate it.
.and you know my thoughts on mashed potato.

And I also hate marmalade. Marmalade and mash are just about the only two things I really cannot bring myself to eat under any circumstances. Bluergh.

N. xx

Garden girl said...

Well I felt like writing after my early morning jog...god no! Computer is obviously working overtime..Am so pleased you hate roast beef too. Maybe we should form a club/ society?

Vintage to Victorian said...

You have a way to go yet with the olives. Try them again in about 25 years and you might like them. I was 50 before I could eat one, but it only lasted for about 5 years, during which time one jar of green ones with almonds would last for 3 G&Ts. I think I must have OD'd on them, because I can barely eat one now!!

Tuna is a bit iffy, but mashed potato with (dare I say - can you just imagine it) Heinz tomato sauce mixed in used to be an all-time favourite - especially with fish fingers. Oh dear, perhaps I'd better stop!

I used to love Marmite but unfortunately it doesn't like me anymore and if I need that sort of taste I can only cope with Bovril!

Poorly food used to be a cup of Bovril with Bovril soldiers, Lucozade and Cadbury's chocolate when I was growing up - not all at once, I hasten to add!