Friday, 2 November 2007

Feeling Fruity

Today started off with me lying snuggled up under a very toasty duvet and seriously considering skiving off work. This is unlike me (the skiving, not contemplating it, I do that most mornings) and as the clock ticked and the snooze alarm kept giving me another 9 minutes, and I bargained with myself over the merits of staying at home (TV, reading, sofa, toast, warm baths,surfing the internet, etc.)V going to work (quiet at the moment, grumpy clients, even grumpier solicitors). Due to the burden of guilt I knew I would feel if I didn't turn up I eventually succumbed to the shower. For one reason and another I have had a rubbish week and sometimes you just need a duvet day. I have held that day back in readiness!(possibly next friday...)
However! I dragged myself into work and am glad I did. To start with I made lovely strong cups of tea and then we had our usual morning meeting. A girl from an office upstairs came down with slices of very yummy Guinness cake slathered in very thick chocolate. Because I was still feeling grumpy at this stage I politely declined. By the time she had got to the top of the stairs the voices in my head had started...

"Are you insane? She offered you chocolate covered CAKE woman! Get her back and say yes please!!"
So I did. Oh yummy, it was so very good, far better than my attempt at the same recipe last year, fortunately.
I did have grumpy clients and solicitors but all that was made slightly better by the delivery of a bottle of home brewed damson wine from one of my clients. ( a non-grumpy one, obviously)

It tastes like ribena and is very very gluggable. In fact I have a glass next to me as I type. Well it is friday!

So by now I have had chocolate guinness cake and home brewed damson wine. I do think homegrown/made/brewed things are so much lovelier than anything you can buy. There is a real sense of effort that goes into these things which makes them so very satisfying, in my opinion.

The afternoon did drag by quite slowly, and being friday I was very pleased to leave work to go home. When I got home I had a Nancy shaped parcel on the mat. This was very exciting, as she sends GREAT parcels, always accompanied by a lovely postcard. The postcards take pride of place stuck around mirrors and pictures throughout the house. This parcel was the best yet...look!!

Isn't it fab?! I have sewing envy of Nancy, as she has a sewing machine and is very clever indeed. As someone who struggles to sew buttons on, I am in awe of this lady!! I am yet to decide where to put my strawberry, but am thinking possibly in the kitchen with my red things..but this....

(albeit it a bit blurry-sorry) is going to hang on my cupboard door in the bedroom. I haven't decided what to put in it yet, but no doubt I shall think of something. Thankyou somuch Nancy, you are a star! (check out her blog, it is the first one listed on the left.....)

After all of this excitement I had a long soak in the bath before dinner. And just to continue with the fruity theme of the day I indulged in Philosophys Raspberry Sorbet bubble bath. Bliss. I am so glad I didn't skive off...perfect end to what started off being rubbish but has ended up very nicely indeed.


The List Writer said...

Oooh, aren't you lovely :o)

Garden girl said...

I am, rather...heehee x

Ali said...

I adore those Philosophy products. The packaging alone makes me feel better.