Sunday, 1 March 2009

Simple Pleasures

Evening All.

Good grief, it really has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that. 'Normal' life just seems to take up so much time though, doesn't it?

I am still doing extremely well when it comes to arriving home and collapsing on the sofa of an evening. I can just about manage to lift cutlery and eat whatever meal has been lovingly prepared by the husband. And I am highly skilled at soaking in a hot lavender scented bath whilst my pj's are warming on the radiator.

Such simple things bring me the most enormous pleasure. Freshly laundered bedding, in which I climb into by half past nine most nights. The crocuses that are blooming rather beautifully in the herb garden. Our beautiful new/old antique teachers desk, at which I am sitting right now. I have had great fun arranging things on it so they look just so. A jug of roses here...a lamp artfully placed pile of books in that corner...our old fashioned red telephone in the other...drawers full of paper and envelopes and pens in all colours of the rainbow. I love sitting here and watching people walk past. It makes me feel most creative! (when in actual fact I am being most nosy)

New cake recipes are bringing HUGE pleasure, of course, and the latest creation is Nigellas Victoria Sponge, which i pilfered from someones blog. Apologies that I can't remember whose though! It really is verrrrry tasty indeed. Cherry jam and chocolate sponge. It's really a re-vamped Black Forest Gateau, is it not?

Speaking of simple pleasures I have jars of daffodils everywhere at the moment. Loads of customers have commented on how cheery they are, and the instant reminder that Spring has arrived. Apparently.

I wouldn't say no to a teeny weeny bit more snow though.

Just a little?


Photo at the top of the page (because for some reason I am unable to move it to the bottom of the page) is of myself and my brother, who is back in the UK for a while. He saw the caff for the first time yesterday and said lots of lovely things about it, so he is now allowed to stay for a while longer.

This week I am mainly going to be teaching myself to use my new (ahem) sewing machine. Yes indeed, I have finally decided it is time to teach myself to make the things I covet so much on everyone elses blogs. Whether I will manage it or not is another matter. All suggestions for a complete sewing beginner will be VERY gratefully received!

Obviously next time I post I will be showing off patchwork quilts, a living room decorated in home made bunting, cushions and loose sofa covers. Hmm.


The List Writer said...

Oh look at your lovely haircut!

That chocklit cake might need to be made in the House of Lists soon. We're already big into our cherry jam here with the Bakewell Cake. YUM.

monda-loves said...

good luck with the sewing - I can't wait to see the pics of the 'good homes-esqu rooms you describe :o)


Lisa said...

Great to read and post from you and hear that, although tired, you are busy and happy.
I can see the family resemblence between you and your brother!
Good luck with the sewing and your new desk sounds very nice too.
Take care.
Lisa x

Petticoat Lane said...

Hey Lovely Lady..great to see you back.
Always a good thing to see a picture of 'extremely handsome brother' on blog....Make him sit in the window all day and suddenly you'll have the cafe bursting with young girls/housewives/old dears...Not that bloke or Gav don't do that already! Didn't mean that.
Great picture of you as well, looking exquisite as usual Mrs F. Love the hair. You and broth always have such lovely pictures taken together. Such a good looking family. You must be so pleased to have him back for a while.
Cafe looking fab, love the scrabble labels and the daffs.
Next post I expect to see full of Union Jack cushions and bunting in CK/Amy Butler/Vintage fabris and lots of fabric hearts..... Actually fabric hearts are REALLY easy to start with. You could attach to flower jars/vases in caff with table numbers on them or ask bloke to make some kind of wooden pole thingy to attach them to...
Take care, Happy Baking.
Petticoats. x

Anonymous said...

hi anna, lovely photo.. and a VERY handsome brother!
simple pleasures really are the best and being surrounded by tea and cake and beautiful cheery flowers each day must help you get through what must be at times a very tiring job. one day i would love to pop down and say hello ... and eat some of your tempting cake... until then i shall just enjoy your lovely pictures.
wishing you a happy week
ginny x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi sweet girl.
Oohhh there is that yummy brother of yours! Tee hee!
Glad to hear everything is going so well for you, ooohhh that cake looks dee-licious!
Good luck with the sewing machine, hope to see lots of wonderful creations very soon.
Lots of love to you

driftwood said...

Hi Anna, just realised I never replied to your email about sewing machines - sorry, did you take the first one back?
tote bags are a good starter thing, easy cushion covers always look cheery, it won't be long before you have that first quilt finished either !
lovely to see more photos of the caff and you, and yummy cake, and hear all your news.

April said...

Hi, long time no see, glad that all is going well for you - would love to see a photo of that desk!

April xx

mollycupcakes said...

Hello sweet Anna,
You are looking just fabulous honey the cafe life is doing you the world of good because it really shows just how happy and well you are.
Owww that cake looks soo yummy, but no cake for me! I'm on my wedding diet, it will be flat tummy time for me very soon (i hope!)
We're coming down on the mothering Sunday weekend so I'll try and get in and see you with the cupcakes in toe lol
You and your brother look great together.
Good luck with the sewing, maybe you'd like to join in my heart swap? I'd love to have in on it honey-pie x
Big hugs,
Catherine x

Cathy said...

Good luck with the sewing - I'd start with the bunting as it's dead easy. The cakes are looking gorgeous as usual. I promise I'll be in again to sample them once I am out and about. Hope you have a lovely time with your brother.
Cathy XX

Ali said...

I adore your scrabble tile photo cake labels - how wonderful they look.

moss stitch said...

Go girl go!!
Glad to hear all is going so well. I could just do with a slice of sponge right now!!

Kitty said...

It's lovely to 'see' you, and that cake looks mmmmmmmmmm. Cushion covers are a simple place to start, in my humble opinion. Good luck with it - can't wait to see what you make.

Oh and the weather forecast says snow for Weds/Thurs! I'm NOT happy about it. x

dottycookie said...

Oh, now come on Anna, the first thing you need to make is a stack of handsewn napkins for the cafe, no?

Joking, I was JOKING!

Have fun with the new machine! You're very naughty posting chocolate cake pics though - and with cherry jam too? Double yum.

Dragonfly said...

Hello Stranger!
LOVE the Scrabble labels, LOVE them!
AND the daffs!
Looking forward to seeing what you make on your new machine. Mine thinks I've sent it to Coventry - I not taken its cover off in MONTHS!
T x

Summer by the sea said...

That choccie cake looks divine - and good luck with the sewing - you will be making all sorts of things in no time at all - Natalie x

Curlew Country said...

What a smashing picture, you do look happy!

Lovely your idea of a lavender filled bath after a busy day. Is it too late to put the water on?


Kelly said...

Good luck with the sewing, i'm still leaning too! mostly by trial & error,

i love a good cake, only wish i lived nearer as your cafe looks lovely


Alchamillamolly said...

Love the hair and the brother! he can court my daughter if he is single!! I am soooooo glad your cafe is such a success I thought you were very brave to do it.

Julia said...

Good luck with the sewing machine, I got one myself for Christmas and Im promising myself a new bag! Lovely blog by the way xxx

jen said...

Your brother is CA-YUTE!! Woohoo!

Janette said...

the cake sounds great, mmm a revamped black forrest gateaux delicious.

love that photo of you and your brother - really sweet.


Carol said...

What a handsome couple you make.
Good luck with the sewing too.
I so agree with with your simple pleasures...freshly lanudered bedding being pretty close to the top of my list.
Carol xx

Ragged Roses said...

Hello lovely lady! How's the sewing coming along? Lovely to see you posting again. What a great photo of you and your brother, have you had a haircut? You look very very happy. Now, if you don't mind just squeezing a slice of that delicious cake through your computer into mine, it would be most appreciated, I promise to sweep up any crumbs ...
Take care

Victoria said...

Hey lovely, Well can confirm my own taste-test on the Anna Version of Black Forest Gateau was simply lovely on my first visit to the "caff". Scrumptiousness on a plate!

Sewing, mmm, are we deluded into thinking we can be as creative as all these other blog-superstars? If we both actually take the machines out of their boxes it would be a great start.....xx

Lynsey said...

I have been through a couple of pages of your blog and really enjoyed reading through it all, your cafe looks fab! I'm adding you to my blog list so I can visit again and drool over your culinary delights!xx

French Knots said...

Mmm, what tasty looking cake!
Enjoy sewing, it is really satisfying to take a bit of fabric and make something new with it. Sheets from the jumble are good for practising as you've not paid too much if it doesn't work out as you'd planned.