Sunday, 1 February 2009

Here Today Scone tomorrow

The lovely Catherine from Mollycupcakes sent me the red spotty pegs AGES ago and I have been looking for the perfect place for them ever since. I finally found that place on Saturday, and here it is!

So many customers have commented on my 'Menu washing line' and it's in the perfect place to be seen. Thankyou C, I knew I would get there eventually! Hopefully you will be able to see it for yourself again soon, when you next come to Cheltenham.

The tea shelf has now grown into two, and the collection is ever increasing. The newest flavour to grace the shelves is Chilli and Mint. Only two customers have braved it so far. We have bought Slimmers Detox Tea as well, but un-surprisingly the hot chocolate has sold better!

I discovered a jar of mincemeat left over from Christmas that I didn't want to go to waste and so it was turned into Mincemeat Cake. I think I may have to market it better if I make it again, it hasn't been a winner! I guess it's not an attractive title! Tasted lovely though. Just like fruit cake.
What has been a number one seller has been our homemade scones...I make them fresh every morning now (very therapeutic) and they rapidly disappear as the day goes on. I hadn't made scones before but they are so easy and really tasty, especially warm from the here is my recipe, try it if you dare!
Fruit Scones...
Pre-heat oven to 220 C
Sieve 1lb of self raising flour into a bowl with a teaspoon of baking powder.
Add 4oz soft butter and rub into the flour with your fingers
Add 2 tablespoons caster sugar and 2 tablespoons of sultanas/dried cranberries/raisins etc. and stir.
Add a little milk and stir with a palette knife or a silver spoon. Keep adding milk, a little at a time until the mixture comes together. Don't add too much in any one go or it will become a sticky mess. When the mixture comes together give it a knead for a minute and then turn out onto a floured surface.
Press the dough down with your hands until it's about an inch and a half high (I don't bother with a rolling pin, I go for the rustic look!) and cut out with a biscuit cutter. I use quite a large one -obviously the larger your cutter the bigger your scones will be! This recipe makes exactly seven with my cutter size....Place onto a baking sheet and put in the oven for 13-15 minutes. I don't brush them with egg or milk but some people swear by it.

I made heart shaped ones yesterday which worked quite well as well.
I keep looking out of the window in the vain hope that the two snowflakes that have fallen so far today are soon to be joined by billions more. Alas it hasn't happened yet. I love snow. R pointed out that the best sort of snow is overnight snow. I think he may be right. How fabulous to pull back the curtains in the morning and find the streets transformed into a winter wonderland whilst you have been snuggled up in bed. Magical. Give me Winter and big jumpers over Summer and bikinis any day, thankyou very much!
My favourite things about Winter would have to be,
1) Snow
2) Open fires
3) Big woolly scarves gloves and hats
4) Not having to display flesh of any description, and therefore not scaring any customers
5) Crisp winter walks along the river
6) Big mugs of tea and slices of fruit cake on a Sunday afternoon, snuggled up with a film on the telly
7) Comfort food!
8) A hot bubble bath followed by a comfy pair of pj's, ready warmed on the radiator
9) Thick socks and winter boots
10) Cold crisp mornings
11) Hot Chocolate
12) Big Winter coats
12) Hearty home made soups
13) Sticky toffee pudding (at any time of year in fact...)
I can see a food theme emerging so had better get the general idea though!
Time for a bubble bath. Swiftly followed by Roast Chicken. Yum.
Still no snow.
Definitely not any.
Not so much as a white flake in sight.
Maybe if I go to bed now then it will come quicker??


April said...

Your scones look delicious. I love winter too.

April xx

Kitty said...

I like all the seasons for their very own qualities, but this winter is hanging about for far too long - I'd like a teeny bit of sunshine to give me a lift. It seems to have been grey and miserable in my parts (so to speak) for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. :-(

Those scones and the mincemeat cake look fabulous. When I was pregnant with No.2, scones was one of the very few things I could stomach. I used to make apple ones - I don't know why, they just tasted *right* at the time! x

Gina said...

I love your list of the things you love about winter - everything sounds so wonderfully warm and cosy. I wish I lived neaerer because I would come and have a slice of your Mincemeat cake, probably with hot chocolate - it looks delicious! Hope it snows overnight for you!

The List Writer said...

Oh my word - you are definitely going to have to make your trip down to London - it is inches deep in snow here!

Thank you for the scone recipe - I've never made them either, but if you are now then I will :o)

Winter rocks. I live in a family of sun-worshipping winter-hating freaks and it is so heartening to see such a lovely big long list about why winter is so fabulous!

N. xx

driftwood said...

just love your winter list, and the idea of heart shaped scones.
we've got snow here, not much but just enough for me to drag J out to make a snowman (it's 10.40pm) so that in the morning the children will see a blanket of snow, and a suprise snowman in the front garden.

hope you get your own snow, otherwise you'll have to dust your yummy scones with snow icing sugar and pretend. xx

JuliaB said...

Hi Anna! the mincemeat cake looks deelish!! I can't understand why it wasn't popular!! And so do the scones - my you are dedicated baking every morning!! Thanks for the recipie! I love scones and always forget how easy they are to make. I have just made lemon curd so perhaps scones tomorrow to go with it. xx

JuliaB said...

ps: we're just a bit east of you and we had snow (only a smattering) - perhaps it blew over your way! x

dottycookie said...

We have snow! Lots of it (well, lots for East Anglia) and apparently more to come tomorrow!

Yummy cake and scones - I'd have ordered mincemeat cake!

Lisa said...

Did you get any snow??
Your scones look delish, just the thing to be had with a warming cuppa.
Love the menu washing line!
Lisa x

Brierley & Clover said...

A slice of your mincemeat cake would be beautiful lightly panfried in butter with warm brandy caramel sauce...mmm - lucky it's sweltering here, otherwise I'd be in the kitchen right now!

Dragonfly said...

I'm a winter person too...for pretty much the same reasons as yours!
I've not made scones for years, don't know why because I love them and they're so easy. Will put it on the list...
Did you get snow? We've got about 6inches and London, it seems, has ground to a halt...

prettyshabby said...

Hi Anna..thanks for the scone recipe, I'm going to try that one later today,I made some last week and they were absolutely vile!(salty rocks..urgh)cookery really isnt my best 'thing' I think I got my recipe slightly wrong somewhere along the line..the chickens enjoyed them though! must have wished rather hard for that snow! (but isn't it great?!)

Fancy Elastic said...

ooh, chilli and mint sounds right up my street, and people's overtion to mincemeat makes me a little bit cross... mincemeat is top stuff!


mollycupcakes said...

Hello Anna,
Well have you got your snow yet? We've got loads of it and you are so right, Winter is the best time. All the extra snuggles in bed to keep warm, hot chocolate and marshmellows on top yummy, lots of layers, hats, gloves and chunky scarfs. And the magical look on the little cupcakes faces when they see it for the first time in the morning. Fabulously scrummy looking scones honey, I'll defo be having one of those next time I'm in.
Did you see my pastry brushes in the Sunday express magazine? I'm thrilled about it.
Now all that talk on your post has made me hungery, so off i go to have a coffee and something else.
Many hugs, wishing some snow your way sweetie.
With love,
Catherine x

Simone said...

You can have my snow in exchange for one of your scones!

Moogsmum said...

Mmm - the mincemeat cake and scones look lovely and perfect for snowy days.

I hope you got your snow today. i was up and down all night peeping out of the curtains - I was so excited I just couldn't sleep!

Great winter facts there and I agree with every one of them :-)


Ragged Roses said...

Your cake looks yummy Anna! I love making scones before I collect my youngest from school - she and her sister can devour a plate full whilst they're still warm. It's been a very snowy day here today and we are already for warm pjs, just wish I had some fruit cake to go with them! Take care, keep warm, I hear the white stuff is heading your way

clarabelle said...

Your scones look delish... Have you got snow yet? We have just over a foot here in Hampshire! Just found your blog via Philosophy of Lists.
Take Care

Julie said...

mmmm, scones look yummy.Love your list of winter loves too - I'm more of a summer and sunshine person myself, but will look at your list again, as it's definitely persuaded me there's more than I realised to enjoy about winter

mollycupcakes said...

How can you forgive me for not saying a big thank you for hanging up the pegs and showingthem off to everyone.
They look fab againest the green wall. I'll send you a few packs if you like, see if they sell?
I'm craving scones now lol but mustn't i want to lose weight not put more on lol
Catherine x

Carol said...

All looking so very yummy. I have to agree with you on your last post...I too think about getting back into bed when I get up!
I love my sleep, have to, have lots of it.
One day I will get to pop in and sample one of your cakes.
Loving them Pegs.
Carol xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe - will have to give them a try!

LissyLou said...

Great post!! love the look of the scones!! yummy!! and love your fave things about winter. x

Miss sew n sew said...

Hope you got that snow you were so wishing for weve had lot's here!
Your scones look wonderful will note down that recipe thanks!

Victoria said...

Just had to leave you a little comment to say that I linked to your blog today from Attic 24 (one of my favourite reads) and have just had a lovely time reading about your adventures at No 9. When I realised you are down the road from me I was even more delighted. I've noticed your cafe but haven't yet had a chance to stop by having only arrived here from Singapore very recently. I will definitely be stopping by soon for a cup of tea and some of your lovely cake.Victoria.x

April said...

Hi, i've given you an award, please check it out

April xx

Janette said...

hi, hope you're having a lovely valentines.

Kerrie said...

Hi Anna - just stumbled across your blog and had a wonderful time reading the entire thing from whoa to go and sharing in your adventures. It's a long way from Sydney, Australia to No. 9, but maybe one day .....

Manuela said...

your blog is really nice and lovely

wendy said...

Oh my goodness! What fun to see the difference between scones in England and scones in California.

My mom often made us scones as children and we LOVED scone night.

They look TOTALLY different though:

You take your bread dough, roll it thin, cut it in squares (about 2" by 2"), and you lay them in the deep fat frier (hot oil about an inch deep is fine) and what happens to them is the fun part. They ALWAYS turn into a pocket. They are nice and crunchy on the outside, and you cut them open and put tuna salad inside, or just butter ... mmmmmmmmm.... so when I saw a picture of what I refer to as "biscuits" I was quite surprised.

I wonder what biscuits are in England? I bet they are cookies...?

Sorry it's been a while since I visited. Lots of drama at our house as we lose it to the bank tomorrow. Tough times everywhere, I know.

*~Niki~* said...

Your cafe looks wonderful, we will have to visit you sometime! I live in Suffolk. Niki xxx