Sunday, 7 October 2007

Vegetable Medley

After the garden cull yesterday we went to one of our favourite villages in The Cotswolds, Broadway. This time of year is always a better season to visit, as during the summer months the streets and car parks are jam packed full of tourists. I don't consider us to be tourists as we only live five minutes away. Sure enough we managed to find a parking space relatively quickly and walked through the little arcade with its tiny shops selling candles, sweets and jewellery and out onto the main street. The deli has moved from the arcade and out onto the High Street, so we stopped to buy some lovely bits and pieces for lunch. I had to escape from Rob at the till so I could take some photographs. Since the blog started I have followed Nancys advice and started to carry a camera everywhere. I am so glad I did as the colours and shapes of the fruit and vegetables in these baskets attracted me instantly, so I sneaked outside after putting in my order for Spanish Tortilla (yum) and snapped away.

Unfortunately most of my tomatoes got blight this year and my plan to stuff the freezer with home made soups and sauces like I did last year went horribly wrong. I have higher hopes for the parsnips and hope they turn out like the ones above. One of my favourite vegetables is roast parsnips, preferably with a drizzle of maple syrup over the top...

Seeing the butternut squash reminded me to try the recipe for Nancys butternut squash soup as well, so that is on the list of 'things to cook'. I may end up making green tomato chutney as well with the dozens of tomatoes that escaped the blight but missed the sunshine.


The List Writer said...

Oooh, those photos look good enough to eat!

Did the greengrocer mind you taking photos? The greengrocer in Wanstead last week looked very suspicious when I started photographing his plums (so to speak...). Think I should ask next time.

Garden girl said...

He didn't get chance- Rob kept him occupied whilst I got snappy!I do think he had visions of us being chased along the street though.