Sunday, 14 October 2007

Tom Foolery

My friend Sarah has her own business selling handbags, jewellery and gifts, and offered to try and sell some bits and pieces for me at her next party, at another friends, Claires' house on Tuesday. I have spent the afternoon sat on the sofa, pliers to hand and surrounded by boxes and tubes of beads being very creative. I have gone a bit mad actually, so I really hope someone buys something otherwise it will have been a wasted effort. I may have to get extra holes pierced in my ears and start modelling my range. I have kept the designs all quite simple and straightforward (no parrots or feathers or smurfs,etc.) to try and appeal to the majority of ladies going to the party.

Sarah has suggested that as a sales person (I prefer to say marketing myself, sounds less like I work in the Co-Op -not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that...oops)I should hold up my jewellery and say very loudly,
"Wow! How lovely are these? I must buy lots of pairs straight away before they all go. Have you all seen the lovely earrings and bracelets?" etc.etc. She may have a point. However being the pessimist I am, I have visions of someone turning around in response to my enthusiasm and replying,
"Actually, my 3 year old daughter could have done a better job with her hands tied behind her back." before giving me a withering look. This is the point where I would pick up the bowl of cheese puffs and Sarah would leap across the sofa to wrestle me quietly out of the room....
We shall see. I am sure that if I were to make any proper money (as opposed to Monopoly money) I would no doubt end up spending it on other stuff that I don't need but think is wonderful, as is the norm at these gigs.
So obviously these are the earrings, and here are the bracelets, I have tried to tone them down a bit from the last ones I made as I came to the conclusion they were a bit garish and resembled Christmas decorations.

After all of this hard work I am now going to slump on the sofa (where I have spent the last three hours anyway, but it is working so doesn't count) and read the papers before tackling the ironing. Obviously when I make my millions from the jewellery business I will be be able to pay someone to do the ironing. Now that would be lovely....


The List Writer said...

Its like having your very own Accessorize shop in your living room! How gorgeous they all are - very clever of you to make them. I think you are right and the newer versions of the charm bracelets are better (although I did like the first versions).

You will be able to make earrings to go with every top you own!

Garden girl said...

Hmm. I have got quite a few tops though...Thanks for your comments, I will keep you posted with how they do tomorrow night!