Monday, 24 September 2007

Flowers and beans

I am a big fan of flowers, who isn't? (apart from one person I know of who HATES receiving flowers as apparently flowers have feelings and shouldn't be cut, etc.-she has even been known to refuse them on this basis when offered by male friends) I agree that they probably do look best growing in the wild, but I wouldn't refuse a bunch every now and again (ahem)

This is one of my favourite photos that Rob took in Cornwall. I love poppies, and couldn't believe the colours of these. Their petals are so delicate and they looked so pretty bobbing about in the wind. Bizarrely I cannot grow them myself, even though most people find them in their gardens growing like weeds. Not fair.

We have a gorgeous old rose bush in our garden which I think has been there since time began. They smell beautiful, like proper roses should, and every time I open the back door the scent drifts into the kitchen. It does make visiting the compost bin slightly more bearable(considering the smell from that is masked slightly by the perfume from the roses) I refuse to cut these blooms to put in the house as we have only two windowsills downstairs (one is in the bathroom,and there sits a fabulous orchid bought for me by my lovely brother and his lovely wife)and very little in the way of natural daylight anywhere else, being an extended terraced Victorian house. Therefore I think it only fair that they stay in the garden, brightening it up and being admired by all who pass by.

I think sunflowers are what first attracted me to the allotments. I have worked in my office for the past 4 years and every summer used to see these great clusters of sunflowers smiling at me over the shanti town of sheds and towers of beans canes. Maybe that's what made me decide that I quite liked the idea of growing my own veg on a larger scale than a growbag in the back garden, having a shed of my own and being surrounded by bright yellow and orange sunflowers of all shapes and sizes. So that is what I did...I am planning more varieties of sunflowers for next year. Who knows, I may even manage a poppy or two...

Now, beans. I was telling all about my borlotti beans yesterday and hadn't realised that a lot of people don't spend their time salivating over seed catalogues in quite the same way as I do (hey, it's still shopping folks!) therefore I took some photos to show you what I'm 'on about' as someone politely put it...

Aren't they pretty?! I think that's what actually attracted me to them in the first place. When they've been podded they are all pink and speckly like birds eggs, or jelly beans. Admittedly they don't taste quite as nice as jelly beans but you can't have everything!

Lastly I would like to send my grateful thanks to Nancy for the photo info- this page would be very dull and boring without your help today! xx


The List Writer said...

Oooh, aren't you lovely :o)

The photos are gorgeous and I also love the poppy one the best.

Nicola said...

Can you post Borlotti beans to Canada?

Garden girl said...

Thanks to the fan base, all comments gratefully received. I shall try and pickle a jar of borlotti beans for you Nic xx