Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sewing Success!

When you spend time reading blogs it is hard not to be inspired by the wonderful things being created. I love reading craft and sewing books and have been known to knit the odd scarf or two (odd because they are usually wider at the top than the bottom) and make jewellery etc. but still I had a yearning to be good at sewing.
I have fiddled about with a couple of patchwork quilts which I was quite pleased with, but what I really wanted to be able to do was make clothes and handbags, things I could use on a daily basis.

Not being a sewer I found it very hard to justify buying a sewing machine. When I enquired at the local college about night classes in sewing they said you had to take your own machine. But I didn't want to buy one in case I was rubbish at it! A tricky situation indeed. Then one of my lovely customers come to see me. She has Parkinsons Disease and was struggling to use her beloved Bernina sewing machine. She knew I was crafty and keen to sew. Would I like it? Could I give it a good home?
You can guess the answer.
Then I got chatting to another customer. She is a professional seamstress. Can you see where this is going yet?! So yes, I have been a very lucky girl indeed and am now the proud owner of a Bernina and have had several free sewing lessons from my very lovely friend. Who also supplied copious amounts of coffee and homemade cake. Hurrah!
I showed her the Amy Butler pattern I had and explained how I needed help with it. I have never cut a pattern out or measured myself before, so she gave me loads of help and advice. The patience of the woman!! She found it all very exciting as well as she has never used American patterns before, and couldn't believe how 'simple' it all was. Hmm. I bought fabric from the local shop, nothing fancy, just something cheap and pretty, ideal for a summer skirt for a beginner.
Do you want to see then? do you?

So with the skirt sorted and worn several times I decided to brave the bag myself. I found the pattern for this ages ago on Sew Mama Sew, and printed it out to put in my 'Things I want to Make One Day but Probably Never Will' file. So I measured and cut the pieces out a few nights ago and today I finished it. I am SO pleased with it. Seriously. I have put things in it. And taken things out of it. And cooed over the lining (lightweight flowery print cotton) and stroked the handles.
I need to send a big thankyou to all of you bloggers who sew. For all of the words of wisdom, and for not assuming when you blog about your projects that we are all sewing geniuses! Thanks for keeping instructions as simple as possible, and for explaining each step clearly. I am hoping to move onto winter skirts and tunics next.


The List Writer said...

Oh, how pretty! Both of them! So very lovely - well done. And a BERNINA!!! Blimey.

Cathy said...

Wow - what a fab first attempt at sewing - you look like a pro! I love the skirt - I really like making things to wear, although I tend to keep them for the girls (not as much fabric required!). Well done you. I hope you and the Bernina make may more things together!!

Jee said...

Gosh, what happy happenstances. The skirt and bag look great, well done.

Lisa said...

Good for you for getting on and giving it a go and look at the results! I love your new skirt!
Hope the chilli hamper sets you off on a inspired pressie buying mission!
Lisa x
p.s Both T and S got through the 1st wk with minimum hic-cups! x

Nic's Notebook said...

Oh fantastic, well done you! I too would like to try sewing but if I ever get round to it it will be a miracle!! Love the bag, it is so cute :)

driftwood said...

gorgeous - the sewing, and brilliant - you ! xoxo

dottycookie said...

Fab results - both on scoring the machine and lessons, and on what you have already made!

It is a brilliant feeling, isn't it?

Dragonfly said...


I'm going to say this quietly, but I still haven't made anything to wear yet with my new machine. I've got the fabric, the pattern... just not the guts!

Jill said...

It is always great when you make something and you are happy with it, the skirt looks fab and the bag beautiful. Was it an Amy Butler pattern, I recognise the skirt!!

Curlew Country said...

Triumph! Blimy Anna, they're cracking. I bet you look so elegant in your pretty skirt. Winter skirts and tunics, marvellous idea! I want to see more!.

How ace to get a free machine, I've been given one that needs repairing and guess what - that was two years agio adn its still broken. One day, one day.

Must watch "Bake Off", keep missing it. Book sound a fab idea too.
Lots of love

The Brunette said...

wow both gorgeous, well done xx

Florrie said...

What a beautiful skirt and's a lovely feeling when you make something for yourself......well done!
I just had a look back through your achives and I must say, what a lovely blog.
florrie x