Sunday, 26 July 2009

How Big is Your Boot?

Because ours is quite big, as you can see!

I was just trying the boot out for size in case we got rained out of the tent. Fortunately we remained very dry and cosy.

We managed to escape to the New Forest for a few days a couple of weeks ago and had a lovely time wandering, reading, drinking endless cups of tea and chilling out. Bliss.

The ever increasing book which isn't pictures which I read and laughed hysterically at, is Dawn French's 'Dear Fatty'. If you are a fan you must read it, I insist!

The essential hat for covering bed hair on the way to the shower block in the morning....I think it is actually a mans hat, but it cost £2.45 and is very soft and comfy. I have an enormous head, which is why I ended up with a mans hat instead of the miniscule lady hats on offer!

The even more essential ENORMOUS bottle of gin, and much smaller bottle of tonic...Rob's canny camping tip is to take an ice box to Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and fill it with ice. Then bury all alcohol (pear cider is especially good for camping) into the ice. You then have a ready made ice bucket which keeps drinks cold all weekend and lots of ice to put in your gin.

I have just realised that I am 101 today! Or at least my blog is. Does that mean I get cake and candles?? No?

Well despite that, I have to say I am most chuffed to have managed to hang on in there and keep going. I realise 100 posts may seem a bit rubbish to some of you old timers, but to me, well...yay!

I thought you may like to see my lovely Grandads 90th birthday cake. He has an incredible vegetable patch, and always knows the varieties of things he groes (whereas some of us just chuck in whatever seeds we have to hand..) when I was little he grew tomatoes professionally and my brother and I used to make tomato boxes for him in the summer holidays. Whenever I smell tomato plants now I instantly think of him.
Lots of family and friends gathered to help celebrate his big birthday a couple of weekends ago and had a lovely time.

The weather was sunny and we sat in the garden catching up with people we don't see enough of.

Nothing much else to report, apart from the enormous pile of courgettes that we returned home from camping to. Since then we have made courgette and carrot soup, iced zuchinni tray bake, courgette and mint soup, baked courgette, roasted courgette, courgette and pasta, you name it.
Tomorrow I am hoping to attempt Zuchinni Chocolate Cake at work. Oh yes indeed. And that, my friends, will be a whole different story.


Vintage to Victorian said...

What a fabulous cake! And a sizeable boot by the looks of it! If you have weather like we have this evening you'll need it!


Lisa said...

You were just down the road from us when you went camping!
Glad to hear the D F book is good as I just received that for my birthday.
Your Grandad's b'day cake looked fab.
Take care
Lisa x

SWEET MARY said...

Did'nt realise that was the cake - just thought it was a nice arrangement of vegies - duh! I like lge bottles of gin too with small bottle of tonic. Glad you had a nice break.

mollycupcakes said...

Hi Anna,
So glad you had a relaxing trip and your Grandad's brithday sounded lovley.
Yum Gin & tonic, i could go for one of those right now, oh hang on it's nearly 11'o clock lol better not hehe!
We to seem to have courgettes coming out of our ears lol and have sat down today looking for new ideas on how to cook them. Ben made very yummy courgette soup and we're gonna try a lasange, (not to sure that's how it's spelt lol)
Have a lovely week and looking forward to seeing photos of the choc cake.
Lots of love,
Catherine x

driftwood said...

very impressive camping in the boot!
last week we had 8 of us huddled in my brothers car and boot hiding from a rain storm - it was cosy!

The Curious Cat said...

Wow - you've been busy! Love camping - sounds like you have it all sussed out - all the essentials! That cake is gorgeous - was your grandad surprised?!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Glad you had a fab time away.
I love love love Dawn French but haven't got around to reading 'Dear Fatty' yet.
Congratulations on your 100 blog posts & Happy Birthday to your Grandad too, what a fab cake!
Hope you are well & enjoying the summer sunshine.

Carol said...

lol....big then! sorry not being rude! honest.
Great camp and I especially like the drinks counter, that would be my tipple but I have had far too many of late and am staying well away for a while.

Sharon said...

i kept looking... so where's the cake ... all i see are some beautifully arranged vegetables. did you make that one?

Sharon said...

i kept looking... so where's the cake ... all i see are some beautifully arranged vegetables. did you make that one?

Dragonfly said...

Courgettes and pea quiche is good...
Congrats on 100+ posts too! You should definitely have cake!

Cowboys and Custard said...

A big boot is a wonderful thing.. I speak from experience and past camping trips at one of Glastonbury Festivals annual deluges!
Happy 101th post my dear.. and you don't look a day over 90!
I would have snaffled all of those scrummy marzipan veg by now..

Happy days my friend.
Michele xx Custardo to you.

Janette said...

that's a mighty fine boot you have there!! great cake and great choice in books - I'm halfway through Dear Fatty and laughing all the way.

take care

Ragged Roses said...

Congratulations Mrs 101 - no wonder you need to lie down in the car boot (or is that the gin!). Lovely to see your camping priorites too, must remember the gin next time!!! Hope you're having fun with your courgettes