Friday, 7 December 2007

Back down to earth!

We had a lovely time...that is me to the right, I like to think I was probably staring wistfully out to sea, but the likelihood is that I was checking out where we would buy a pasty from for lunch.

We were really lucky with the weather, apart from a few showers it was like this most of the time. We had a week of walking the cobbled streets of St Ives that we have come to know so well, had some delicious meals (more on that later) and saw lots of seals..great stuff. The great thing with going at this time of year is that we feel like locals. There are relatively few tourists, and the roads are traffic free.

The apartment we stayed in was great, fully equipped with everything we could need and literally just behind where I am stood in the picture above. I particularly enjoyed sitting in the window and looking out over the beach and sea, usually with a book or magazine to hand. (see the envious tourists looking through the window..heehee)

Rob particularly liked yomping along the headland trying to take the perfect 'wave' photo...

This is my future retirement property..I really wanted to find some buoys on the beach to bring home and hang from the garden fence, but had no luck. Rob refused to steal them from the side of the fishing boats as well. Spoilsport.

We went to Jamie Olivers restaurent, Fifteen on Tuesday for an early anniversary treat.

The food was great, very reasonably priced and worth it entirely for the view...and bizarrely, the hand driers in the toilets, but then I am very easily pleased. (They were so cool, invented by Dyson, and you put your hands into the big machine and they dry them in 10 seconds! Good eh?..don't think the old lady next to me thought so, she saw the dyson sign and thought she was going to lose her jewellery) Anyway. The view!

The restaurent has been designed so that all tables are overlooking the beach, so no one feels hard done by, and the kitchen is open so that you can watch all the chefs hard at work. If you are ever down in Cornwall I would definitely make a booking in advance as it was packed the day we went.

Anyway, we are now home and the bathroom floor is covered in washing, although we have a beautifully decorated living room to relax in. I shall take a picture when it doesn't resemble a jumble sale and you can see for yourselves.


The List Writer said...

Oh, look at you reading in that window seat!! LOVE it all :o)

Nicola said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and I even recognised some of the places in the photos! It made me think of the painting of St.Ives we bought when we were with you that now resides in the bathroom in Canada. Can't believe your Father redecorated your living room whilst you were away - you are so jammy.

Ragged Roses said...

wow it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the beach in winter. What a fantastic place to stay in too. Sounds perfect, nice and cosy and reading magazines. Food sounds delicious, shame about the price of buttons!
Kim x

Anonymous said...

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Ali said...

That looks like such a wonderfully peaceful break. I love visiting places in the off season.

And you asked what meme means. I have always assumed it was something to do with 'me' - all about memememe. But I could be wrong.